yere çarp ne demek?

  1. (en)Hit the ground


  1. Liste başı.
  2. (en)To reach with a stroke or blow; to strike or touch, usually with force; especially, to reach or touch.
  3. (en)To reach or attain exactly; to meet according to the occasion; to perform successfully; to attain to; to accord with; to be conformable to; to suit.
  4. (en)To guess; to light upon or discover.
  5. (en)To take up, or replace by a piece belonging to the opposing player; said of a single unprotected piece on a point.
  6. (en)To meet or come in contact; to strike; to clash; followed by against or on.
  7. (en)To meet or reach what was aimed at or desired; to succeed, often with implied chance, or luck.
  8. (en)Striking against; the collision of one body against another; the stroke that touches anything.
  9. (en)Stroke of success in an enterprise, as by a fortunate chance; as, he made a hit.
  10. (en)Peculiarly apt expression or turn of thought; a phrase which hits the mark; as, a happy hit.

yere çarpmak

  1. (en)Plonk down.

yere çakılma

  1. (en)Smash up.


  1. (en)Freshwater fish.

Türetilmiş Kelimeler (bis)

yere çarpmakyere çakılmayere çalmakyere atmakyere baglayere bağlı balonyere bakan yürek yakanyere bakan yürek yakandıryereyere bakan yürek yakaryere bakmakyere baktırmakyere batmakyeryer açmakyer adıyer adı bilimiyer adları bilimiçarpçarpaçarpacakçarpak kıyıçarpalaçarpançarpan balığıçarpan balığıgillerçarpan katsayısıçarpan şeyçarçar erkan ı cuvanıçar naçarçar u yekçar yanlısı
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