de ne demek?

  1. Türk alfabesinin beşinci harfinin adı, okunuşu.
  2. Da / de.
  3. (en)Also.
  4. (en)Withal.
  5. (en)As well.
  6. (en)Upon.
  7. (en)Death PC Paid in full through consolidation loan.
  8. (en)Flection - The amount of deformation or bending in a pallet or pallet component under load.
  9. (en)The two-character ISO 3166 country code for GERMANY.
  10. (en)Of; from - used in names MM - expresses assent UN - one.
  11. (en)Different Edition Another version of an item in the library collection, differing in content, publisher, language, etc.
  12. (en)Of or from.
  13. (en)Discard eligible ATM cells that have their CLP bit set to 1 If the network is congested, tagged traffic can be dropped to ensure delivery of higher-priority traffic.
  14. (en)Of, from; ?De donde ? From where ?; de la ma?ana, in the morning; de la noche, in the evening; de la tarde, in the afternoon; De nada , You''re welcome.
  15. (en)Ed of trust A document that gives a lender the right to foreclose on a piece of property if the borrower defaults on the loan.
  16. (en)Virtue'; a white substance.
  17. (en)Go-between'; extending between 2 enemy pieces.
  18. (en)Diethylstibestrol.
  19. (en)Prefix meaning away from.
  20. (en)Prefix from Latin de down, from, away; as in debark, decline, decease, deduct, decamp.
  21. (en)In words from the French it is equivalent to Latin dis- apart, away; or sometimes to de.
  22. (en)Dis-.
  23. (en)It is negative and opposite in derange, deform, destroy, etc.
  24. (en)It is intensive in deprave, despoil, declare, desolate, etc.
  25. (en)Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies.
  26. (en)Discard Eligible A 1-bit field in a frame relay header that provides a two level priority indicator Used to bias discards of frames in the event of congestion toward lower priority frames Similar to the CLP bit in ATM.
  27. (en)Component of ETERNUS GR Storage which consists of disk drive, power supply, fan and chassis.
  28. (en)Commonly used abbreviation for diatomaceous earth filter aid.
  29. (en)Data Element.
  30. (en)Short for decomposition element.
  31. (en)Direct Endorsement FHA Approved Underwriter.
  32. (en)Delphi Delco Electronics Systems.
  33. (en)Latin preposition denoting: away from, out of, arising from; of, about, concerning, with regard to; for, on account of, because of, by.
  34. (en)Move which pushes between two enemy stones.
  35. (en)Deformities Number of fish that are deformed.
  36. Önek -den, -dan, aşağı, tamamen, mahrum.

de aerate

  1. Havalandırmak, havasını değiştirmek

de aeration

  1. sıvıdan havayı alma , ayırma işlemi

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