problem of finite differences ne demek?

  1. sonlu farklar problemi
  2. Sonlu farklar problemi


  1. Teoremler veya kurallar yardımıyla çözülmesi istenen soru, mesele.
  2. Mesele, sorun
  3. Davranışları normal olmayan ve özel olarak eğitilmesi gereken (kimse).
  4. Sorun
  5. Bk. sorun
  6. (en)Question proposed for solution; a matter stated for examination or proof; hence, a matter difficult of solution or settlement; a doubtful case; a question involving doubt.
  7. (en)The control complex of a fault-tolerant system can arrange its subsystems in many different configurations There are many possible paths through the subsystems How do you select a workable configuration when there is a faulty subsystem?.
  8. (en)Function from inputs to outputs, which we want an algorithm to compute A crossword puzzle is not a problem; it's an instance The set of all crossword puzzles is a problem.
  9. (en)An opportunity for improvement of an undesirable condition, often observed by symptoms, created by root causes, which must be systematically identified and eliminated or altered to control the condition.
  10. (en)Problem.

problem child

  1. Problemli çocuk, ele avuca sığmaz çocuk


  1. Sıkıntı, bezginlik, usanç, acı, yorgunluk vb. duyguları belirten bir söz
  2. (en)Ugh!.
  3. (en)In a general sense, from, or out from; proceeding from; belonging to; relating to; concerning; used in a variety of applications; as: Denoting that from which anything proceeds; indicating origin, source, descent, and the like; as, he is of a race of kings; he is of noble blood.
  4. (en)Denoting possession or ownership, or the relation of subject to attribute; as, the apartment of the consul: the power of the king; a man of courage; the gate of heaven.
  5. (en)Denoting the material of which anything is composed, or that which it contains; as, a throne of gold; a sword of steel; a wreath of mist; a cup of water.
  6. (en)Oil filters.
  7. (en)Denoting part of an aggregate or whole; belonging to a number or quantity mentioned; out of; from amongst; as, of this little he had some to spare; some of the mines were unproductive; most of the company.
  8. (en)Prep w dat , from, out of, of, away from, contrary to, by.
  9. (en)Denoting that by which a person or thing is actuated or impelled; also, the source of a purpose or action; as, they went of their own will; no body can move of itself; he did it of necessity.
  10. (en)Optional Form Source: US EPA.


  1. Sayı veya şahıs gösteren
  2. Ölçülebilir, sayılabilir
  3. Mahdut, biten, fani
  4. Sonlu, biten
  5. Sınırlı, sonu olan

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