pervane hızı ne demek?

  1. (en)Fan speed


  1. Havalandırma aracı, pervane, pervane kanadı, vantilatör.
  2. Sıcak veya soğuk havayı dengeli olarak savuran araç.
  3. Bk. üfleç
  4. (en)To ventilate; to blow on; to affect by air put in motion.
  5. (en)To winnow; to separate chaff from, and drive it away by a current of air; as, to fan wheat.
  6. (en)Pile that has been spread out, so that all of its cards are visible Only the topmost card in the fan will be completely visible; the other cards will be partially overlapped and hidden Fans may be spread left, right, up, or down; fanned down is the most common.
  7. (en)When the car is at idle or being driven in heavy traffic at lower speeds, the fan pulls cool air through the radiator.
  8. (en)Wedge-shaped body of sediment with a roughly semicircular map pattern and a gentle to steep upper surface that slopes away from the head or apex of the body.
  9. (en)AVN forecast output for a specific location; used by meteorologists as a 'first guess'.
  10. (en)Device that produces a pressure difference in air to move it.

pervane balığı

  1. Ay balığı.

pervane böceği

  1. (en)Luna moth.


  1. Hazreti. Yüce kabul edilen kutsal kimselere yüceltme anlamında kullanılan sıfat.
  2. (en)Hegira

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