mini devaluation ne demek?

  1. Mini devalüasyon


  1. Çok küçük veya kısa.
  2. (en)Used of women's clothing; very short with hemline above the knee; 'a mini dress'; 'miniskirts'.
  3. (en)From the Morris Mini Cooper, 'Mini' refers to an R/C car that is roughly 1/10 scale but models a very small real-life car like the Mini Cooper, VW Polo or the DaimlerChrysler A-Class The general difference between a Mini car and a regular sedan car is that the wheels, tires, body, suspension arms and chassis are smaller For cost-saving measures the rest of the parts are generally interchangeable, especially the drivetrain, bulkheads and shock towers.
  4. (en)The MINI is the second smallest shared hosting package offered by Virtualis This option is great for the cost-conscious customer who wants a Web presence with e-commerce functionality and a robust platform at a terrific price See Also: SHARED SERVER.
  5. (en)Mini.
  6. (en)Tiny.
  7. (en)Small.
  8. (en)Midget.
  9. (en)Mini-.
  10. (en)Micro-.

mini devaluation system

  1. Mini devalüasyon sistemi

mini devalüasyon

  1. Sık aralıklarla ve küçük oranlarda yapılan devalüasyon.
  2. (en)Mini devaluation.


  1. Paranın değerini düşürme
  2. Devalüasyon
  3. Para değerinin düşürülmesi

Türetilmiş Kelimeler (bis)

mini devaluation systemmini devalüasyonmini devalüasyon sistemiminimini barmini bilgisayarmini dalga bölgesimini dalga izgesimini etekmini giysiminmin el merkez il arzmin el merkez üs şemsmin gayrı haddinmin iladevaluationdevaluation of the currencydevaluatedevaluedevalued
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