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  1. Kara ve hava kuvvetlerinde albaylıktan sonra gelen ve mareşalliğe kadar olan yüksek rütbeli subaylara verilen genel ad.
  2. (en)Search index used by Item Lookup; the General index seems to contain all fields.
  3. (en)Main Page About Inspiritive People Company Policies.
  4. (en)Formatting that aligns numbers on the right side of a cell, aligns text on the left side, indicates negative numbers with a minus sign on the left side of a number, and displays as many digits in a number as a cell's width allows.
  5. (en)Chapter : annual meeting of the heads of all abbeys.
  6. (en)The public; the people; the vulgar.
  7. (en)Fact about the whole ; 'he discussed the general but neglected the particular' a general officer of the highest rank the head of a religious order or congregation command as a general; 'We are generaled by an incompetent!' prevailing among and common to the general public; 'the general discontent' not specialized or limited to one class of things; 'general studies'; 'general knowledge' applying to all or most members of a category or group; 'the general public'; 'general assistance'; 'a general rule'; 'in general terms'; 'comprehensible to the general reader' of national scope; 'a general election' affecting the entire body; 'a general anesthetic'; 'general symptoms' somewhat indefinite; 'bearing a general resemblance to the original'; 'a general description of the merchandise'.
  8. (en)Pasha.
  9. (en)General officer of the highest rank.
  10. (en)The head of a religious order or congregation.

general ability

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  1. Giriş, yol, methal, geçit
  2. Artma, Çoğalma
  3. Nöbet have access yanına girebilmek, huzura kabul edilmek.
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generalgeneral abilitygeneral acceptancegeneral accountantgeneral additive rulegeneral administratorgeneral agreement on trade and tariffsgeneral allocationgeneral amnestygeneral anaesthesiageneragenegene amdahlgene cloninggene clustergene complexaccessaccess accountaccess alanıaccess allowedaccess armaccess authorizationaccess barredaccess barriersaccess bus portaccess cardaccesibilityaccesibleaccedeaccede toaccede to the ministryaccede to the throneaccedence
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