bin ne demek?

  1. Dokuz yüz doksan dokuzdan sonra gelen sayının adı.
  2. Bu sayıyı gösteren 1000, M rakamlarının adı.
  3. On kere yüz, dokuz yüz doksan dokuzdan bir artık.
  4. Pek çok, çok sayıda

    Taşlar, topraklar kaydırarak bin zorlukla iniyorlardı.

    R. H. Karay
  5. (C.: Ubeyna) Zahir, görünen.
  6. (en)Thousand.
  7. (en)Box, frame, crib, or inclosed place, used as a receptacle for any commodity; as, a corn bin; a wine bin; a coal bin.
  8. (en)To put into a bin; as, to bin wine.
  9. (en)An old form of Be and Been.
  10. (en)Directory that contains programs Your home directory probably has a subdirectory named bin The system has directories called /bin and /usr/bin.
  11. (en)In mainframe computing, a Bin, refers to the 'mailbox' where computer reports are distributed to computer users AITS maintains numbered bins for its clients' output at each campus.
  12. (en)The usual name of a directory containing runnable programs, possibly derived from the term binary or simply the english word denoting a container See searchpath.
  13. (en)The first six digits of the account number appearing on the card Each state implements a unique BIN for state program identification.
  14. (en)DNA fragment size range within which alleles are assigned based on their relative electrophoretic mobilities.
  15. (en)In CPU-speak, a single speed increment as defined by a 0 5 multiplier jump For example, on a 66MHz system bus, a 266MHz processor is one bin faster than a 233MHz processor.
  16. (en)Business Identification Number BPE: Business Process Engineering.
  17. (en)National Intelligence Agency.
  18. (en)Any Point of Sale container designed to hold bulk merchandise.
  19. (en)Directory that contains programs on a UNIX system.
  20. (en)Each frequency point represented in the frequency domain display of an FFT is called a bin.
  21. (en)An electronic capability in the memory of some advanced pulse generators which stores a certain type of data Bins are usually associated with rate ranges For example, one cardiac event is recorded by the pulse generator, classified by rate range and then stored in the bin for that rate range Bin counts can later be interrogated biphasic A waveform morphology having both a positive and negative deflection.
  22. (en)Kilo-.
  23. (en)Euphonic form of the prefix Bi-.
  24. (en)Container; usually has a lid the quantity contained in a bin store in bins.
  25. (en)Container; usually has a lid.
  26. (en)The quantity contained in a bin.
  27. (en)An identification number consisting of a two-part code assigned to banks and savings associations; the first part shows the location and the second identifies the bank itself.
  28. (en)Store in bins.
  29. (en)Abbreviation for 'binary ' bin is frequently used as the name of a directory on a UNIX file system intended to contain executable programs, such as operating system utilities, or CGI programs in a subdirectory of a Web server's content root.
  30. (en)Equivalent to gate.
  31. (en)MacBinary II encoded file This file type, downloaded as MacBinary or Binary, can be decompressed with Stuffit Expander.
  32. (en)Son of.
  33. Ambar, kömürlük,kutu,sandık
  34. Ambarlamak,kutuya veya sandığa koymak.

bin bir

  1. Pek çok, çok sayıda
  2. (en)Thousand and one.
  3. (en)An endless number of.

bin bir ayak bir ayak üstüne

  1. Herkesin ayakta olduğu kalabalık.

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bin birbin bir ayak bir ayak üstünebin bir delik otugillerbin bir yaprak otubin can ilebin defabin derde devabin dereden su getirmekbin dolarbin dost az, bir düşman çokbibi eyyi halbi gayri hakkın mal edinmebi hadbi haseb il verase
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