carriage and insurance paid ne demek?

  1. Cip


  1. Her türlü arazide kullanılabilen motorlu taşıt.
  2. (en)Classification of Instructional Programs or Capital Improvement Plan.
  3. (en)Classification of Instructional Programs: a commonly used taxonomy for coding programs and courses offered by education and training providers.
  4. (en)Classification of Instructional Programs Code representing academic programs developed by the National Center for Education Statistics.
  5. (en)Carriage and Insurance Paid 'CIP' indicates that the exporter is responsible for the cost of freight up to the point where the goods are delivered to a specified destination including the cost of insurance against loss or damage during transit It is the exporter's responsibility to clear the goods for export.
  6. (en)Cataloging in Publication The bibliographic information supplied by the Library of Congress and printed on the copyright page.
  7. (en)Cataloging-in-publication records created by the Library of Congress from information provided to it by publishers for pre-publication titles These records lack descriptive elements Other supplied elements may change by the time the title is published, such as the title, authors, publisher, etc.
  8. (en)Construction in process; CAMS term used to identify fabrications in the system; also known as WIP or work in process.
  9. (en)Classroom Instruction Program This is DIALOG's reduced-rate program for student academic searching.
  10. (en)Cataloging In Publication; a program sponsored by the Library of Congress that provides a partial bibliographic description in books produced by cooperating publishers.


  1. Onaylama
  2. Binek arabası
  3. Vagon
  4. Top arabası
  5. Bir makinanın diğer kısımları taşıyan parçası
  6. Tavır, duruş
  7. Nakliye, taşıma
  8. Nakliye ücreti
  9. Tutum

carriage note

  1. Yük senedi
  2. Taşıma senedi
  3. Nakliye senedi


  1. Yemin içmek, yemin etmek.
  2. (İngilizce) ve, ile, de
  3. (bağlaç) ve, de, ile


  1. Sigorta etme
  2. Sigorta
  3. Sigortalama
  4. Sigorta parası, sigorta taksiti

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