an ne demek?

  1. Zamanın bölünemeyecek kadar kısa parçası, lahza

    Emaneti bir an önce evine götürseler, iyi olur.

    A. İlhan
  2. İki tarla arasındaki sınır.
  3. Zihin.
  4. Bilincin, irade ve heyecan karışmadan, algılama ve düşünme kısmı.
  5. Güzellik çekimi, alım.
  6. (en)An associate degree in nursing.
  7. (en)Access Network.
  8. (en)After Newton The period of time that has elapsed since the cancellation of the Newton Generally agreed to be any point after February 27th, 1998 AN is also an abbreviation for the Action Names software package See also BN and DN Source: NTLK.
  9. (en)Active Network.
  10. (en)Data Analysis Software of CTAS.
  11. (en)Alaska Native.
  12. (en)One of two aliens that appeared in SailormoonR She disguised herself as Ginga Natsumi and attended Juban Junior High School She had a crush on Chiba Mamoru.
  13. (en)Contains all temperature telemetry points and is most useful when studying the thermal trends of the SIs and vehicle The aft-shroud light shield temperatures are reported in AN format and are currently the best indicators in determining the periodic change in the OTA focus AN format does contain the S/C velocity and position vectors.
  14. (en)At , by , in , on , to , upon.
  15. (en)Moment.
  16. (en)Split second.
  17. (en)Second.
  18. (en)Instant.
  19. (en)Wink.
  20. (en)Flash.
  21. (en)Jiff.
  22. (en)Jiffy.
  23. (en)Minute.
  24. (en)Point.
  25. (en)Snatch.
  26. (en)Span.
  27. (en)Trice.
  28. (en)Shake.
  29. (en)Tick.
  30. (en)Time.
  31. (en)Twinkling.
  32. (en)Breath.
  33. (en)Access Node See Node.
  34. (en)Access node A broadband Integrated Services Digital Network remote switch that performs grooming, concentration, and switching functions.
  35. (en)Indefinite article IF - a possibility PA - father.
  36. (en)NAT, ann, anna, initial six months or year's income due in payment to executors of an estate.
  37. (en)Ammonium nitrate - used for explosives.
  38. (en)Article.
  39. (en)Push.
  40. (en)Analog.
  41. (en)Pron or adj: one; alone 705, 732, 784, 888.
  42. (en)Australian National Railway Commission.
  43. (en)Abbr Annunciator.
  44. (en)Acrylonitrile.
  45. (en)Sweetened puree of cooked red beans.
  46. (en)This word is properly an adjective, but is commonly called the indefinite article.
  47. (en)It is used before nouns of the singular number only, and signifies one, or any, but somewhat less emphatically.
  48. (en)In such expressions as 'twice an hour,' 'once an age,' a shilling an ounce , it has a distributive force, and is equivalent to each, every.
  49. (en)If; a word used by old English authors.
  50. Bir [kendisinden sonra gelen kelime sesli harfle başlıyorsa]
  51. Bir ünlü ile başlayan kelimelerden evvel kullanılan belgesiz sıfat
  52. Bir
  53. La [müz.], pek iyi

an abbreviated signature

  1. Paraf

an abbreviation of carabiner

  1. Biner

Türetilmiş Kelimeler (bis)

an abbreviated signaturean abbreviation of carabineran abbreviation of kilograman absolute mustan abyssinianan access fieldan accidental encounteran accomplished factan accomplished liaran acquaintanceaa 1a alfa lipoproteinemia b basımıa b c basımı
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