sof ne demek?

  1. Bir çeşit sertçe, ince yünlü kumaş.
  2. Ham ipekten yapılmış astarlık kumaş.
  3. (en)Woolen cloth.
  4. (en)Special Operations Forces.
  5. (en)Strength of Function.
  6. (en)Strength ofFunction.
  7. (en)Start of Frame delimiter This Ordered Set is always the first Transmission Word of a Frame It is used to indicate that a Frame will immediately follow and indicates which class of service the Frame will use.
  8. (en)Signature on file.

sof tvare

  1. yazılım


  1. Evlerde oda kapılarının açıldığı genişçe yer, hol
  2. (Mimarlık) Evlerde oda kapılarının açıldığı genişçe bölüm.
  3. (en)Anteroom.
  4. (en)Hall.
  5. (en)Long seat, usually with a cushioned bottom, back, and ends; much used as a comfortable piece of furniture.
  6. (en)Long.
  7. (en)Hall-like room.
  8. (en)Statement of Financial Activities is the main innovation introduced by the SORP It is a method of analysing all income and capital in a way that shows what happened to it, and will be required as part of all charity accounts, even small ones.
  9. (en)Long seat with back and arms.
  10. (en)An upholstered seat for more than one person.

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