optimal tax rate ne demek?

  1. Enuygun vergi oranı


  1. (en)Bestfit


  1. Optimum
  2. En uygun
  3. En etkili olan
  4. İdeal
  5. (en)Best or most favorable.
  6. (en)Optimal.
  7. (en)Pertaining to a trajectory, path, or control motion, one that minimizes or maximizes some quantity or combination of quantities such as fuel, time, energy, distance, heat transfer, etc This optimum condition, or path, is commonly calculated by a type of mathematics known as calculus of variations.
  8. (en)Most favorable or desireable.
  9. (en)That mechanism which results in the greatest net gain for the designated economic agent The seller's net gain might be defined in terms of the speed with which the good is sold or the total price received.
  10. (en)The algorithm that produces the best results The optimal algorithm might not be achievable, but stating the results gives a bound for all other algorithms and measures their quality.

optimal approximation

  1. En iyi yaklaşıklama
  2. Optimal yaklaşıklama


  1. Suçlamak
  2. Mahkeme masrafını belirlemek
  3. Vergi, resim
  4. Külfet, yük
  5. Vergi koymak, vergi yüklemek
  6. Mahkeme masrafım tayin etmek
  7. İsnat etmek, yüklemek
  8. Külfet olmak, tüketmek
  9. Yük olmak, yormak


  1. Büyük fare.
  2. Yaşlı, verimsiz, geçimsiz (kimse)
  3. Başarısız.
  4. (en)To chide with vehemence; to scold; to censure violently.
  5. (en)Established portion or measure; fixed allowance.
  6. (en)That which is established as a measure or criterion; degree; standard; rank; proportion; ratio; as, a slow rate of movement; rate of interest is the ratio of the interest to the principal, per annum.
  7. (en)Valuation; price fixed with relation to a standard; cost; charge; as, high or low rates of transportation.
  8. (en)Order; arrangement.
  9. (en)Ratification; approval.
  10. (en)The gain or loss of a timepiece in a unit of time; as, daily rate; hourly rate; etc.

Türetilmiş Kelimeler (bis)

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