nas ne demek?

  1. Açıklık, açık ve kesin yargı.
  2. Kur'an ve hadisteki açık hükümler
  3. Dogma.
  4. Karagöz ustalarının «gitmek» sözcüğü karşılığında kullandıkları sözcük.
  5. Bk. sentral dogma
  6. yardımcı, yardım eden (allah’ın kulu). ayrıca kur’an-ı kerim’de bir sure ismidir.
  7. İnsanlar, halk, herkes.
  8. Uykusu gelmek. Uyku bastırmak. (Osmanlıca'da yazılışı: na's)
  9. İnsanlar.
  10. (en)Was not.
  11. (en)Has not.
  12. (en)National Airspace System.
  13. (en)National Academy of Sciences.
  14. (en)National Academy of Science.
  15. (en)National Airspace System; Naval Air Station.
  16. (en)Network Access Server.
  17. (en)Acronym for Network Access Server, this is a terminal server designed specifically to provide remote connectivity via PPP and similar protocols.
  18. (en)An architecture for attaching a shared disk storage device to a server, which relies on an Ethernet LAN to make the connection.
  19. (en)Network Attached Storage Typically a data server on a network that provides file storage accessed via the network cf DAS and SAN.
  20. (en)Network-Attached Storage.
  21. (en)NAS stands for Network Access Server It is a computer or a special device designed to provide access to the network For example, it can be a computer connected to the network and equipped with several modems Such NAS would allow the user connecting to one of its modems to access the network.
  22. (en)Network Attached Storage.
  23. (en)Network-attached storage device is a server that is dedicated to nothing more than file sharing NAS does not provide any of the activities that a server in a server-centric system typically provides, such as e-mail, authentication or file management NAS allows more hard disk storage space to be added to a network that already utilizes servers without shutting them down for maintenance and upgrades With a NAS device, storage is not an integral part of the server Instead, in this storage-centric design, the server still handles all of the processing of data but a NAS device delivers the data to the user A NAS device does not need to be located within the server but can exist anywhere in a LAN and can be made up of multiple networked NAS devices.
  24. (en)Network Application Support: DEC's approach to applications integration across a distributed multivendor environment.
  25. (en)Network Attached Storage Portable devices containing storage space or stand alone self-contained devices that attach directly to your network This storage space can be shared by all of the computers on a network.
  26. (en)Non-traceable author statement: Database entries that do not cite a paper [e g SwissProt records, YPD protein reports]; Statements in papers [abstract, introduction, or discussion] that a curator cannot trace to another publication.
  27. (en)Abbreviation for National Academy of Sciences.
  28. (en)Network Access Server A Cisco platform or collection of platforms, such as, an AccessPath system which interfaces between the packet world and the circuit world.
  29. (en)Narcotic Affairs Section of the local US Embassy.
  30. (en)Collection of Digital architectures and development programs intended to provide a significant affinity between VAX systems and various workstations, including Macs and IBM-compatible PCs.
  31. (en)New American Standard First segment published 1963, complete Bible published 1971 Revised 1995 Loosely based on the ASV Copyright owned by the Lockman Foundation Printed and sold by various publishers NASB the preferred acronym today.

sentral dogma

  1. Genetik bilginin DNA'dan RNA'ya transkripsiyonla verilmesi ve bu kalıp RNA'dan proteinin sentezlenmesi ilkesi. Artık bazı hayvan virüslerinde bilginin RNA'dan DNA'ya revers transkripsiyon ile taşınması da ilkenin içine dahil edilmiştir.
  2. (en)Central dogma.
  3. (fr)Dogme central

nas ımplementation program

  1. Ani

nas suresi

  1. Kur'an-I Kerim'de 114. Sure. (Bak: Muavvezetan)

Türetilmiş Kelimeler (bis)

nas ımplementation programnas suresinasanasabnasadnasafnasafenasahanasaibnasalnaNa CMCna tamamiyet hissiNAAnaab
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