mask induction ne demek?

  1. Maskeyle anestezi


  1. Genellikle ölünün yüzüne uygulanarak elde edilen yüz kalıbı.
  2. Muhkem, sağlam. (Müe: Maske)
  3. (en)Cover, or partial cover, for the face, used for disguise or protection; as, a dancer's mask; a fencer's mask; a ball player's mask.
  4. (en)That which disguises; a pretext or subterfuge.
  5. (en)Festive entertainment of dancing or other diversions, where all wear masks; a masquerade; hence, a revel; a frolic; a delusive show.
  6. (en)Dramatic performance, formerly in vogue, in which the actors wore masks and represented mythical or allegorical characters.
  7. (en)Grotesque head or face, used to adorn keystones and other prominent parts, to spout water in fountains, and the like; called also mascaron.
  8. (en)In a permanent fortification, a redoubt which protects the caponiere.
  9. (en)Screen for a battery.
  10. (en)The lower lip of the larva of a dragon fly, modified so as to form a prehensile organ.

mask bit

  1. Maske biti


  1. Sonuç çıkarma
  2. Neden olma
  3. İleri sürme
  4. Memuriyete geçirme
  5. Resmen göreve başlatma

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