function as ne demek?

  1. Işle


  1. (en)Work, process, operate, function, perform, commit, engrave, go, run, travel, farm, tame, cultivate, brand, discourse, ferry, forge, grave, hammer, handle, indwell, instil, instill, penetrate, pierce, sink, sink into, stamp, strike, treat.

function bounded in measure

  1. Ölçüme göre sınırlı fonksiyon

function category

  1. Işlev Kategorisi


  1. Kakım.
  2. İskambil kâğıtlarında birli.
  3. Bir işte başta gelen (kimse veya şey).
  4. Arsenik elementinin simgesi.
  5. (∆S) Entropi değişimi.
  6. (en)Ermine.
  7. (en)Stoat.
  8. (en)Very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms; arsenic and arsenic compounds are used as herbicides and insecticides and various alloys; found in arsenopyrite and orpiment and realgar.
  9. (en)United States territory on the eastern part of the island of Samoa.
  10. (en)To the same degree ; 'they were equally beautiful'; 'birds were singing and the child sang as sweetly'; 'sang as sweetly as a nightingale'; 'he is every bit as mean as she is'.

Türetilmiş Kelimeler (bis)

function bounded in measurefunction categoryfunction checkfunction designfunction failedfunctionfunction fonksiyonfunction generatorfunction groupfunction in extensionfunctinal diagnosefunctinal heart murmursfunctinal signfunctinal symptomasas ... as everas ... so a consequence ofas a countermeasure toas a cure foras a disabled veteranas a familyas a first impressionas a formalityaa 1a alfa lipoproteinemia b basımıa b c basımı
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