da ne demek?

  1. Rusçada Evet
  2. Bk. dalgalı akım
  3. (en)An official prosecutor for a judicial district.
  4. (en)Decision Altitude It replaces the term Decision Height With the adoption of the new approach plate, the US will harmonize with international terminology.
  5. (en)District Assemblies.
  6. (en)From Da capo From the beginning D C Dal segno From the sign D S Deciso Decisively, firmly Decrescendo Becoming gradually softer Delicato Delicate Diminuendo Becoming gradually softer Divisi A direction to orchestral players Div to divide into two or more groups Dolce Tenderly, sweetly Dolcissimo Very gently, very sweetly Dolciss Dolente Sadly Dolore Grief, sorrow Doppio Double Doppio movimento Twice as fast Duo A duet Dur Major.
  7. (en)Denmark.
  8. (en)Descent Advisor.
  9. (en)Directory Assistance Phone Number Lookup Service.
  10. (en)This is the abbreviation for duplex annealing Duplex annealing is a processing procedure where a second heat treatment is added to improve ductility and toughness at the cost of slightly lower strength properties.
  11. (en)Device the splits and boosts the strength of incoming audio, video or computer graphics signals so that they can be sent cleanly to multiple destinations.
  12. (en)Day Ahead Scheduling.
  13. (en)Substitute for words beginning with 'TH;' as in, 'Da guy over dere in da Bears shirt dere.
  14. (en)District Audit.
  15. (en)As , here , that , there , yet.
  16. (en)Dalton.
  17. (en)Also.
  18. (en)Withal.
  19. (en)Either.
  20. (en)Even.
  21. (en)Department of the Army.
  22. (en)Direct action; Department of the Army.
  23. (en)DA, or Departure from Average, is the calculation of the departure on a per pixel basis of the current years NDVI data from the average NDVI value The average is calculated for each pixel in the image using data from the year 1990 to last year back to index.
  24. (en)Direct agglutination.
  25. (en)Service providing telephone numbers over the phone when one might not have access to a phone book, or when a number is not yet published.
  26. (en)Destination MAC Address: A six octet value uniquely identifying an endpoint and which is sent in IEEE LAN frame headers to indicate frame destination.
  27. (en)Documents Against Acceptance When a shipper tells a bank that documents transferring title to goods should be delivered to the buyer only when the buyer's accepts the attached draft.
  28. (en)Deferred DX DefaultedSix consecutive payments.
  29. (en)-- Long Range Aviation, Russian AF command in charge of strategic bombers DACT - Dissimilar Air CombaT DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DEW - Distant Early Warning DFC - -- air force decoration DGPS - Differential GPS DIANE - Digital, Integrated Attack and Navigation Equipment DLIR - Down Looking Infra-Red DoD - Department of Defense DOSAAF - Dobrolvol'noe Obshchestvo Sodietstviya Armii, Aviatii Flotu DVI - Direct Voice Input.
  30. (en)Module of ETERNUS GR Storage that controls connection between drives and controller module.
  31. (en)Abbreviation for deca.
  32. (en)Destination Agent The Mover that your Booking Member has decide will service your moving needs at the destination residence.
  33. (en)Dark adaptation DR diabetic retinopathy.
  34. (en)Departure approved.
  35. (district attorney) "district attorney (bölge savcısı)", bölge savcısı, belirli bir yetki bölgesinin savcısı
  36. Daughter, day(s), deciare.

da capo

  1. Baştan tekrar

da conversion

  1. Bilsayarın hafızasında herhangi bir şekilde depolanmış örnekler sayısal olarak işlenip analog sinyallere çevrilir. Bu sinyallerinde uygun bir cihaza iletilmesiyle hafızadaki o verinin temsil ettiği sesi duyarız.Sentezleme yoluBilgisayar ses kartına veya içerdiği ses düzeneğine nota bilgisini yollar. O düzenekte bu bilgiye analog sinyaller üretir.

Türetilmiş Kelimeler (bis)

da capoda conversionda costa eritrokeratodermisida costa sendromuDA direncida i ankilostom i kelbıda i caversida i didanıda i distomda i distom i dimağıdd 76d aD aktifleştirilmiş bitkisel sterolD aktifleştirilmiş hayvansal sterol
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