amber mutation ne demek?

  1. Amber mutasyonu


  1. Amber balığından çıkarılan güzel kokulu, kül renginde bir madde.
  2. Güzel kokulu bazı maddelerin ortak adı.
  3. Güzel kokulu bir madde.
  4. MRNA'daki üç bitirme kodonundan UAG kodonu.
  5. Bk. kehribar (II)
  6. Amber balığından çıkarılan güzel kokulu, kül renginde bir madde.
  7. (en)Lifts the spirits High electrical charge for positive energy Harmonizes Yin and Yang Powerful healing stone with large amount of organic energy In ancient times, ground to a powder and mixed with honey or oil of roses for various physical problems Filters germs and infections and has the power to disinfect Worn around the neck to help fight infection and respiratory diseases PLANET: Mercury.
  8. (en)Student at Sunnydale High School, Amber was seen in 'The Witch' trying out for the cheerleading team, during which she spontaneously combusted due to a witch's spell She trained with one of the best cheerleading coaches money could buy , and the rumor is that she's so good, she turned the Lakers down She's an average student who got detention once for smoking.
  9. (en)Brown color of glass that absorbs nearly all radiation with wavelengths shorter than 450mm Amber glass offers excellent protection from ultraviolet radiation This is critical for products such as beer and certain drugs.
  10. (en)Lightweight fossilized sap, resin, or gum from ancient trees, which can be cut, etched, faceted, or carved Amber can be translucent or opaque and range in color from shades of yellow, brown, and red to gray or green.

amber mutasyon

  1. Sonlanma kodonunu oluşturan ve bundan dolayı da translasyonun erken sonlanmasına neden olan bir nokta mutasyonu.
  2. (en)Amber mutation.

amber mutasyonu

  1. Mutasyon sonucunda mRNA’daki normal bir kodonun bitirme kodonlarından biri olan amber kodonuna (UAG) dönüşmesi.
  2. (en)Amber mutation.
  3. (fr)Mutation ambré


  1. Bkz. mutasyon
  2. Değişim, dönüşüm
  3. Değişme, dönme, dönüşme

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