amber ne demek?

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  1. Amber balığından çıkarılan güzel kokulu, kül renginde bir madde.
  2. Amber balığından çıkarılan güzel kokulu, kül renginde bir madde.
  3. Güzel kokulu bazı maddelerin ortak adı.
  4. Güzel kokulu bir madde.
  5. Kehribar, kehribar rengi, koyu sarı.
  6. Bk. kehribar (II)
  7. Kehribar.
  8. (en)Lifts the spirits High electrical charge for positive energy Harmonizes Yin and Yang Powerful healing stone with large amount of organic energy In ancient times, ground to a powder and mixed with honey or oil of roses for various physical problems Filters germs and infections and has the power to disinfect Worn around the neck to help fight infection and respiratory diseases PLANET: Mercury.
  9. (en)Student at Sunnydale High School, Amber was seen in 'The Witch' trying out for the cheerleading team, during which she spontaneously combusted due to a witch's spell She trained with one of the best cheerleading coaches money could buy , and the rumor is that she's so good, she turned the Lakers down She's an average student who got detention once for smoking.
  10. (en)Brown color of glass that absorbs nearly all radiation with wavelengths shorter than 450mm Amber glass offers excellent protection from ultraviolet radiation This is critical for products such as beer and certain drugs.
  11. (en)Lightweight fossilized sap, resin, or gum from ancient trees, which can be cut, etched, faceted, or carved Amber can be translucent or opaque and range in color from shades of yellow, brown, and red to gray or green.
  12. (en)The molecular modeling package AMBER produces an output that it refers to as 'PDB' but differs from true PDB in several areas, enough so to warrant a separate set of handling routines.
  13. (en)Translucent fossilised resin that comes in a range of colours including, yellows, reds, whites, blacks and blues When rubbed, amber produces static electricity The best quality amber is clear.
  14. (en)Obtained from fir trees Gives a fragrance a very rich, warm fragrance tone It is commonly used in fragrances that fall into the 'oriental' category.
  15. (en)Yellowish translucent resin resembling copal, found as a fossil in alluvial soils, with beds of lignite, or on the seashore in many places.
  16. (en)Deep yellow color; 'an amber light illuminated the room'; 'he admired the gold of her hair' a hard yellowish to brownish translucent fossil resin; used for jewelry a medium to dark brownish yellow color.
  17. (en)The first shadow of the primal plane of Order, the city of A is the archtype of all cities The Palace of A is the seat of the King of A , the ruler of Order.
  18. (en)Fossilised resin from ancient trees It is clear, translucent, varying in colour from yellow to brown From it are carved beautiful and expensive pipe stems.
  19. (en)Amber color, or anything amber-colored; a clear light yellow; as, the amber of the sky.
  20. (en)Fossilized resin of conifer trees Colors range from honey through yellow to reddish brown.
  21. (en)Assisted Model Building with Energy Refinement molecular simulation programs.
  22. (en)Lager, or an ale, with a colour halfway between pale and dark.
  23. (en)Resembling amber, especially in color; amber- colored.
  24. (en)To scent or flavor with ambergris; as, ambered wine.
  25. MRNA'daki üç bitirme kodonundan UAG kodonu.
  26. (en)Danburite Lapis Lazuli Periclase Tourmaline.
  27. (en)By friction, it becomes strongly electric.
  28. (en)Consisting of amber; made of amber.
  29. (en)The balsam, liquidambar.
  30. (en)Ambergris.
  31. (en)Scent.
  32. (en)Perfume.
  33. (en)Fragrance.
  34. (en)Hard, translucent, yellow, orange, or brownish-yellow fossil resin, used for making jewelry and other ornamental objects Formed from hardened tree resin, amber is a valuable fossil record of ancient flora and fauna - many species have been found trapped inside amber chunks dating over hundred of millions yrs old.
  35. (en)Naturally occurring, yellow to gold gemstone, fairly soft, which is the fossilized remains of tree resin Used in jewelry, mostly in the Roman period.
  36. (en)One of the four only true realities, all else is but an influence reflection or shadow of these realities The second oldest of the known realities Amber is the representation of order, their power is based on the pattern.
  37. (en)Chromatic color of glass or plastic containers It is used principally to protect the contents of the container from exposure to light.
  38. (en)Amber is a fossilised resin The most commonly found colours are brown and yellow However, there are also specimens found in red, green and close to white.
  39. (en)Very hard fossilized plant resin Yellowish in color it is often used for semiprecious gem stones.
  40. (en)Deep yellow color; 'an amber light illuminated the room'; 'he admired the gold of her hair'.
  41. (en)White wine gets approximately this colour after a long ageing or an early oxidation.
  42. (en)Brittle, feels like glass to the teeth - Usually used with meerschaum pipes.
  43. (en)Hard yellowish to brownish translucent fossil resin; used for jewelry.
  44. (en)To preserve in amber; as, an ambered fly.
  45. (en)New name for Acrobat See entry above.
  46. (en)Medium to dark brownish yellow color.
  47. (en)Light yellowish-brown.
  48. Kehribar rengi .
  49. (en)VLTI Instrument.
  50. (fr)Ambré

amber ağacı

  1. Baklagillerden bir cins mimoza (Geum urbonum).
  2. Özgül ağırlığı 0,5-0,6 gr./cm3 olan, açık kahverengi yüzeyde koyu çizgili görüntü veren ve cevizi andıran bir tür ağaç.
  3. (en)Gum tree.
  4. (al)Nussatin
  5. (la)Liquidamber styraciflua

amber asidi

  1. Bk. süksinik asit (II)

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