ait ne demek?

  1. İlgilendiren, ilişkin, ilişik, ilgili.
  2. (en)Automatic Identification Technology.
  3. (en)Agreement on Internal Trade, signed by the federal and provincial governments Text is at http://strategis ic gc ca/SSG/il00021e html.
  4. (en)The AIT front card provides an ATM trunk interface for the IPX The AIT operates in conjunction with a backcard, AIT-T3 or AIT-E3.
  5. (en)Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.
  6. (en)Belonging to.
  7. (en)Concerning.
  8. (en)Relating to.
  9. (en)Relative to.
  10. (en)Appurtenant.
  11. (en)Regarding.
  12. (en)Pertaining to.
  13. (en)Property of.
  14. (en)Belonging.
  15. (en)Advanced Intelligent Tape.
  16. (en)Advanced intelligent tape; a helical scan technology developed by Sony for tape backup/archive of networks and servers, specifically addressing midrange to high-end backup requirements.
  17. (en)Alliance Internationale de Tourisme.
  18. (en)Algorithm integration team.
  19. (en)Airside Integration Testing.
  20. (en)Developed by Sony, using helical scan technology and 8mm tape AIT tape drives use Advanced Metal Evaporated tape formulation AIT drives and media achieve a native capacity of 25GB Unique MIC technology gives fast data access for high-end applications.
  21. (en)Advanced Intelligent Tape, this a Sony magnetic tape using the 8mm cassette standard, these cassettes can hold up to 100GB.
  22. (en)Pain.
  23. (en)An islet, or little isle, in a river or lake; an eyot.
  24. (en)Assembly, Integration and Testing.
  25. (en)Assembly, Integration and Test.
  26. (en)Agency for Instructional Technology.
  27. (en)Automated Identification Technology.
  28. (en)Aeromedical Isolation Team.
  29. (en)Advanced Information Technology.
  30. Ait, (İngiltere İngilizcesi) küçük ada

ait cartridge

  1. Ait Kartuşu

ait kartuşu

  1. (en)Ait cartridge

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