vat ne demek?

  1. Saniyede bir jullük iş yapan bir motorun güç birimi.
  2. Değişken antijen tipi.
  3. (en)VAT.
  4. (en)Watt.
  5. (en)Large vessel, cistern, or tub, especially one used for holding in an immature state, chemical preparations for dyeing, or for tanning, or for tanning leather, or the like.
  6. (en)Wooden tub for washing ores and mineral substances in.
  7. (en)Square, hollow place on the back of a calcining furnace, where tin ore is laid to dry.
  8. (en)Vessel for holding holy water.
  9. (en)See: Value-added tax.
  10. (en)Value Added Tax.
  11. (en)Value-added tax.
  12. (en)To put or transfer into a vat.
  13. (en)Abr Value added tax.
  14. (en)Tax levied on the difference between a commodity's price before taxes and its cost of production.
  15. (en)Value added tax The method of indirect taxation whereby a tax is levied at each stage of production on the value added at that specific stage, a tax calculated as a percentage of purchase price, payable on the purchase of goods and services in certain countries see also: Stamp Duty, Witholding Tax.
  16. (en)Large open vessel for holding or storing liquids.
  17. (en)Visual Audio Tool.
  18. (en)Acronym for vane air temperature sensor.
  19. (en)This Unix audio teleconferencing tool enables you to talk to one or more people over an Internet connection In most cases, all you need is the Unix VAT program, IP connection, and sound hardware The VAT program's window is divided into two parts: the right pane controls the local audio and the left pane displays the status of the other parties participating in the conference.
  20. (en)Is a tax levied on a firm as a percentage of its value added, to avoid the multiplying effect of taxes as the product passes through different stages of production The tax is based on the difference between the value of the output and the value of the inputs used to produce it The aim is to tax a firm only for the value added by it to the inputs it is using for manufacturing its output In principle, although the tax is levied on the value added at each stage of production, it is intended to tax only the final consumer For producers, the VAT they pay on the inputs they buy from other companies is recouped when they sell their own output.
  21. (en)The total VAT amount.
  22. (en)An indirect tax levied on goods and services.
  23. (en)Tub or a tank used for dyeing.
  24. (en)Abbrev Value Added Tax.
  25. (en)Value Added Tax A tax applied to the sale of goods and services Business can reclaim VAT paid for 'inputs' Small businesses below annual turnover threshold limits and meeting other conditions do not need to register for VAT, although there may be advantages in doing so.
  26. (en)Large container used for washing, fulling or dyeing cloth Vertical wheel A water wheel which is immersed in the water vertically and has a horizontal transmission shaft Vertical-axis turbine A horizontal turbine having an axis which is arranged orthogonally in relation to the rotor Vestibule A hall used as an entrance to an edifice or a large room.
  27. Tekne, fıçı
  28. Gerdel
  29. Boya fıçısı
  30. Sarnıç
  31. Tekneye koymak
  32. Teknede ıslatmak.
  33. Valueaddedtax.
  34. Fıçılamak, fıçıya koymak, tekneye koymak

vat included

  1. Fiyata dahil satışŸ vergisi, katma değŸer vergisi dahil değŸer

vat miktarı

  1. (en)Wattage.

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