value added network ne demek?

  1. Van


  1. (en)To fan, or to cleanse by fanning; to winnow.
  2. (en)Truck with an enclosed cargo space a camper equipped with living quarters.
  3. (en)Any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field.
  4. (en)The leading units moving at the head of an army.
  5. (en)Camper equipped with living quarters.
  6. (en)Truck with an enclosed cargo space.
  7. (en)Value-added Network.
  8. (en)Value added network VAN services provide shared, private messaging networks for supporting EDI applications.
  9. (en)Movers call all types and kinds of trucks used for moving 'vans' A van can be as small as a small econoline pack van or as large as a long tractor-trailer.
  10. (en)Land Rover fitted with windowless rear roofsides These are quite common in Britain since tax codes there charge much higher rates on vehicles with rear side windows see also Blindside.

value added carrier

  1. Katma değerli taşıyıcı
  2. katma değerli taşıyıcı

value added costs

  1. Katma değer maliyetleri


  1. Eklenmiş
  2. Katılmış
  3. Katma
  4. Eklenen
  5. Ekli


  1. (en)Make ties or acquaintances (esp. for professional support or business advantages); link computers for the exchange of information; broadcast something simultaneously on networked stations.
  2. Iletişim ağı, ağ, şebeke, ağ örgüsü
  3. Şebeke
  4. Ağ örgüsü
  5. Yayın istasyonları şebekesi.

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