trap ne demek?

  1. Kapan, tuzak
  2. Hendek
  3. Oyuna getirmek
  4. Kapan kurmak
  5. Tuzak kurmak
  6. Tuzağa düşürmek, kapana kıstırmak
  7. Yakalamak
  8. Sahnede yerde bulunan kapak.
  9. Koku veya gaz çıkmasın diye borudaki S şeklinde kıvrım
  10. Kapak takmak (gaz kaçırmasın diye)
  11. Bir çeşit volkanik kara taş
  12. (argo) ağız
  13. Iki tekerlekli tek atlı hafif araba
  14. (en)To set traps for game; to make a business of trapping game; as, to trap for beaver.
  15. (en)Device in which something can be caught and penned.
  16. (en)Drain consisting of a U-shaped section of drainpipe that holds liquid and so prevents a return flow of sewer gas.
  17. (en)Something that catches you unawares; 'the exam was full of trap questions'; 'it was all a snare and delusion'.
  18. (en)Device to hurl clay pigeons into the air for trapshooters.
  19. (en)The act of concealing yourself and lying in wait to attack by surprise.
  20. (en)Informal terms for the mouth.
  21. (en)Light two-wheeled carriage.
  22. (en)Hazard on a golf course.
  23. (en)Place in a confining or embarrassing position; 'He was trapped in a difficult situation'.
  24. (en)Catch in or as if in a trap; 'The men trap foxes'.
  25. (en)Hold or catch as if in a trap; 'The gaps between the teeth trap food particles'.
  26. (en)To hold fast or prevent from moving; 'The child was pinned under the fallen tree'.
  27. (en)Traps are defensive formations designed to minimize the opposition's scoring opportunities and keep its offense from functioning The idea is to trap the puck in the neutral zone, halting the opponents and regaining control of the puck.
  28. (en)Software mechanism that causes control of the machine to be instantly transferred to the kernel, even if a user process is currently running.
  29. (en)To combine different layers of colors in order to create various colors in the four color printing process.
  30. (en)The use of any legal part of the body to gain control of an airborn ball.
  31. (en)Controlling the ball by means of the feet, thighs, or chest.
  32. (en)Sudden double team on the ball handler Also used as a verb.
  33. (en)Clay pigeon.
  34. (en)To dress with ornaments; to adorn; said especially of horses.
  35. (en)Called also trap rock.
  36. (en)Of or pertaining to trap rock; as, a trap dike.
  37. (en)Machine or contrivance that shuts suddenly, as with a spring, used for taking game or other animals; as, a trap for foxes.
  38. (en)Wooden instrument shaped somewhat like a shoe, used in the game of trapball.
  39. (en)It consists of a pivoted arm on one end of which is placed the ball to be thrown into the air by striking the other end.
  40. (en)The game of trapball.
  41. (en)Wagon, or other vehicle.
  42. (en)Kind of movable stepladder.
  43. (en)To catch in a trap or traps; as, to trap foxes.
  44. (en)To provide with a trap; as, to trap a drain; to trap a sewer pipe.
  45. (en)See 4th Trap,.
  46. (en)Program interrupt mechanism that automatically updates the state of the network to remote network management hosts The SNMP agent on the switch supports these SNMP traps.
  47. (en)Trap is a sucker run that, like the draw, is intended to take advantage of the defensive players' willingness to attack the offense and works well against aggressive defensive linemen and linebackers On a trap, an offensive lineman deliberately allows a defensive player to cross the line of scrimmage untouched; then another offensive lineman will hit him from the opposite side or where he's not expecting it The intent is to create a running lane in the area that the defender vacated Once the defender surges upfield, across the line of scrimmage by a yard or two, an offensive lineman blocks him from the side The trap block is also called an influence block and is a complicated maneuver and requires a lot of practice and a higher level of mobility in the trapping offensive lineman Good passing teams tend to be good trapping teams because defenders usually charge hard upfield, hoping to reach the quarterback.
  48. (en)Part of a solid-propellant rocket engine used to prevent the loss of unburned propellant through the nozzle.
  49. (en)The water-filled curved pipe that prevents sewer gas from entering the house through the drainage network.
  50. (en)Windows NT's method of intercepting an event that occurs during execution of a thread.
  51. (en)Message sent by an SNMP agent to an NMS, console, or terminal to indicate the occurrence of a significant event, such as a specifically defined condition or a threshold that was reached See also alarm and event.
  52. (en)The occurrence of those structures, pinch-outs, permeability changes, and similar features necessary for the entrapment of oil and gas in at least one accumulation of the minimum size Included in this attribute are existence of seals sufficient for entrapping hydrocarbons and capable of holding oil and gas accumulations during appropriate ranges of geologic time.
  53. (en)Curved section of a fixture drain line, designed to hold water thus preventing sewer gases from entering the house.
  54. (en)Device used to launch or receive pipeline pigs from a pipeline It consists of a launcher/receiver barrel, which is connected to the pipeline by a series of valves enabling the trap to be off- or on-line with pipeline flow.
  55. (en)Piece is trapped when it is threatened and the threat cannot be neutralized Also, a series of moves by one player leading to an unfavorable position for the opponent See also: neutralize.
  56. (en)Stopping the flight of the ball and gaining possession with any legal part of the body.
  57. (en)Fitting or portion of a fixture that, when properly vented, holds water to prevent entry of sewer gases Back to alphabetical list.
  58. (en)Plumbing fitting designed to provide a liquid trap seal which will prevent the sewer gases from passing through and entering a building.
  59. (en)Overlap allowed when two colors print adjacent to each other, used to avoid the appearance of white space between colors due to misregistration.
  60. (en)Trap door opening into the area below stage which can be used for special effects.
  61. (en)Fitting to provide a liquid seal that prevents the back passage of gases, without materially affecting the flow of sewage or water through it.
  62. (-ped, -ping) süslemek, atlara süslü takım koymak
  63. Çoğ.,dili eşya, pıl pırtı.
  64. (-ped, -ping) tuzak, kapan, kapanca
  65. Hile, desise

trap block

  1. Tuzak makarasi

trap door

  1. Kapak şeklinde kapı, sahne kapısı

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