sudden death ne demek?

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  1. Ansızın yapılan
  2. Ansızın, birdenbire.
  3. Yani ben demek istiyorum ki (manasında). (Osmanlıca'da yazılışı: a'ni)
  4. Ansızın, birdenbire. Bir anda. Hemen.
  5. (en)Abrupt.
  6. (en)Automatic Number Identification A feature in which a series of digits, either analog or digital, are included in the call, thus identifying the telephone number of the caller.
  7. (en)Automatic Number Identification.
  8. (en)Automatic Number Identification: digits representing the calling party's phone number.
  9. (en)Automatic system that identifies line number.
  10. (en)Automatic Number Identification is a Telco service which allows a recipient to determine the number and other call information of the caller BEFORE the call goes through ANI is supported on Centrex and ISDN ONLY, and NOT T1 or DEA CallerID on the other hand places the signalling information WITH the call, so the phone set rings at the same time that the information about the call is made available In Canada, frontbone for telephony is provided ONLY from Bell Canada , hence, signalling services which other carriers, especially long distance carriers support, but do not provide to the demarcation point ANI is touted as a compelling service of ISDN, although really an attribute of Signaling System 7 and one can get ANI from other Telco services such as Centrex ANI is becoming synonymous with Caller ID.

sudden death factor

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sudden death syndrome

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