stop ne demek?

  1. "Dur" anlamında bir seslenme sözü.
  2. Mola, duraklama.
  3. Durmak, istop etmek, istop ettirmek.

    The train has stopped: Tren durdu.

  4. Durdurmak.
  5. Vazgeçmek, bırakmak.
  6. Bk. kes!
  7. Kalmak.

    Will you stop with us for supper? Akşam yemeğine kalır mısın?

  8. Telgraf ve telefonla olan haberleşmelerde cümleleri birbirinden ayırmak için kullanılan bir söz.
  9. Opioit antagonisti bir madde.
  10. (en)Some part of the articulating organs, as the lips, or the tongue and palate, closed so as to cut off the passage of breath or voice through the mouth and the nose , or so as to obstruct, but not entirely cut off, the passage, as in l, n, etc.; also, any of the consonants so formed.
  11. (en)The event of something ending; 'it came to a stop at the bottom of the hill'.
  12. (en)The act of stopping something; 'the third baseman made some remarkable stops'; 'his stoppage of the flow resulted in a flood'.
  13. (en)Brief stay in the course of a journey; 'they made a stopover to visit their friends'.
  14. (en)The state of inactivity following an interruption; 'the negotiations were in arrest'; 'held them in check'; 'during the halt he got some lunch'; 'the momentary stay enabled him to escape the blow'; 'he spent the entire stop in his seat'.
  15. (en)Spot where something halts or pauses; 'his next stop is Atlanta'.
  16. (en)Consonant produced by stopping the flow of air at some point and suddenly releasing it; 'his stop consonants are too aspirated'.
  17. (en)Punctuation mark placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations; 'in England they call a period a stop'.
  18. (en)Knob on an organ that is pulled to change the sound quality from the organ pipes; 'the organist pulled out all the stops'.
  19. (en)Mechanical device in a camera that controls size of aperture of the lens; 'the new cameras adjust the diaphragm automatically'.
  20. (en)Restraint that checks the motion of something; 'he used a book as a stop to hold the door open'.
  21. (en)An obstruction in a pipe or tube; 'we had to call a plumber to clear out the blockage in the drainpipe'.
  22. (en)Come to a halt, stop moving; 'the car stopped'; 'She stopped in front of a store window'.
  23. (en)Put an end to a state or an activity; 'Quit teasing your little brother'.
  24. (en)Stop from happening or developing; 'Block his election'; 'Halt the process'.
  25. (en)Interrupt a trip; 'we stopped at Aunt Mary's house'; 'they stopped for three days in Florence'.
  26. (en)Cause to stop; 'stop a car'; 'stop the thief'.
  27. (en)Prevent completion; 'stop the project'; 'break off the negociations'.
  28. (en)Hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; check the expansion or influence of; 'Arrest the downward trend'; 'Check the growth of communism in Sout East Asia'; 'Contain the rebel movement'; 'Turn back the tide of communism'.
  29. (en)Seize on its way; 'The fighter plane was ordered to intercept an aircraft that had entered the country's airspace'.
  30. (en)Render unsuitable for passage; 'block the way'; 'barricade the streets'; 'stop the busy road'.
  31. (en)Stop and wait, as if awaiting further instructions or developments; 'Hold on a moment!'.
  32. (en)An aperture setting that indicates the size of the lens opening 2 A change in exposure by a factor of two Changing the aperture from one setting to the next doubles or halves the amount of light reaching the image sensor Changing the shutter speed from one setting to the next does the same thing Either changes the exposure one stop.
  33. (en)Button at end of Netscape's Tool Button Bar Use to stop downloading of a document For more information see 'Netscape Basics.
  34. (en)An aperture setting that indicates the size of the lens opening 2 A change in exposure by a factor of two Changing the aperture from one setting to the next doubles or halves the amount of light reading the film Changing the shutter speed from one setting to the next does the same thing Either changes the exposure one stop.
  35. (en)Either the stationary lip at the back of a rabbet, or the removable molding at the front of the rabbet, either or both serving to hold lite or panel in the sash or frame with the help of spacers Also the part of a door frame against which the door closes.
  36. (en)Button on the Internet Explorer Toolbar that makes the browser stop trying to load a web page Very useful when the connection is slow and the page is taking a long time.
  37. (en)Label given to a PushButton in some DialogBoxes that performs the action of stopping the work in progress indicated by the DialogBox.
  38. (en)1)A diaphragm setting on a lens at one of its apertures 2) A change in exposure by a factor of two One stop more exposure doubles the light reaching film or paper One stop less halves the exposure Either the aperture or the exposure time can be changed.
  39. (en)An order to buy at the market only when the market moves up to a specific price, or to sell at the market only when the market moves down to a specific price.
  40. (en)The knob or tab which is used to turn a type of sound on or off.
  41. (en)In the context of PD diagrams, the stop symbol represents the termination of a process.
  42. (en)The collection of pipes on an organ activated by one lever.
  43. (en)To close, as an aperture, by filling or by obstructing; as, to stop the ears; hence, to stanch, as a wound.
  44. (en)To obstruct; to render impassable; as, to stop a way, road, or passage.
  45. (en)To arrest the progress of; to hinder; to impede; to shut in; as, to stop a traveler; to stop the course of a stream, or a flow of blood.
  46. (en)To hinder from acting or moving; to prevent the effect or efficiency of; to cause to cease; to repress; to restrain; to suppress; to interrupt; to suspend; as, to stop the execution of a decree, the progress of vice, the approaches of old age or infirmity.
  47. (en)To regulate the sounds of, as musical strings, by pressing them against the finger board with the finger, or by shortening in any way the vibrating part.
  48. (en)To point, as a composition; to punctuate.
  49. (en)To make fast; to stopper.
  50. (en)To cease to go on; to halt, or stand still; to come to a stop.
  51. (en)To cease from any motion, or course of action.
  52. (en)To spend a short time; to reside temporarily; to stay; to tarry; as, to stop with a friend.
  53. (en)The act of stopping, or the state of being stopped; hindrance of progress or of action; cessation; repression; interruption; check; obstruction.
  54. (en)That which stops, impedes, or obstructs; as obstacle; an impediment; an obstruction.
  55. (en)The closing of an aperture in the air passage, or pressure of the finger upon the string, of an instrument of music, so as to modify the tone; hence, any contrivance by which the sounds of a musical instrument are regulated.
  56. (en)In the organ, one of the knobs or handles at each side of the organist, by which he can draw on or shut off any register or row of pipes; the register itself; as, the vox humana stop.
  57. (en)Member, plain or molded, formed of a separate piece and fixed to a jamb, against which a door or window shuts.
  58. (en)This takes the place, or answers the purpose, of a rebate.
  59. (en)Also, a pin or block to prevent a drawer from sliding too far.
  60. (en)Point or mark in writing or printing intended to distinguish the sentences, parts of a sentence, or clauses; a mark of punctuation.
  61. (en)See Punctuation.
  62. (en)The diaphragm used in optical instruments to cut off the marginal portions of a beam of light passing through lenses.
  63. (en)The depression in the face of a dog between the skull and the nasal bones.
  64. (en)It is conspicuous in the bulldog, pug, and some other breeds.
  65. (en)The molding on the inside of a window frame against which the window sash closes; in the case of a double-hung window, the sash slides against the stop Also called bead, side stop, window stop, and parting stop.
  66. (en)Segments produced by a complete blockage of the air flow at some point in its passage e g , [p], [t], [k], [b], [d], [g] Stops are labeled according to the point of articulation, such as labials, alveolars, dentals, palatals, velars, etc.
  67. (en)Sometimes servers get overworked from too many requests from browsers and consequently their ability to send you a page slows down past the point where you are willing to wait for the information If you get impatient waiting for a page, hit the Stop button to cancel your request for that webpage.
  68. (en)Small molding strips attached to side and head jambs to guide and stop moving sash and swinging doors.
  69. (en)Rank of jacks or a device producing a peculiar tone quality or alteration of the sound Examples are: eight foot stop, machine stop, buff stop.
  70. (en)Relative measure of light that can be used to describe an aperture or shutter speed, although it is more commonly used with aperture settings A difference of one stop indicates half or double the amount of light To stop down means to narrow the aperture; to open up means to expand it.
  71. (en)That part of a rabbeted frame that the door closes against.
  72. (en)An icon on your browser's toolbar, that allows you to stop a search in progress Can be useful if it is taking too long to download a particular website.
  73. (en)Part of frame against which door closes.
  74. (en)Moulding used to hold a piece of glass in a sash.
  75. (en)The shutoff valves under sinks and toilets Back to alphabetical list.
  76. (en)Visible indentation in the cat's nose Persian cats for example have a very strong stop Also called 'break'.
  77. (en)Use the stop button in the browser tool bar to stop downloading of a document.
  78. (-ped, -ping) durdurmak, alı koymak, engellemek
  79. Mola vermek
  80. Durmak
  81. Kalmak
  82. Stop etmek
  83. Fren yapmak
  84. Kesmek
  85. Tıkamak
  86. Kapamak
  87. Tıpalamak
  88. Yenmek
  89. Müz
  90. Durma: duruş
  91. Durak yeri
  92. Mâni, engel
  93. Dur!


  1. Genellikle yakmak için kullanılan iri saman.
  2. Ayak bileklerini de içine alan kapalı jimnastik ayakkabısı.
  3. Çevirimin sona erdiğini, alıcının durdurulmasını bildirmek için yönetmenin, alıcı yönetmenine verdiği komut.
  4. Harman veya başka işlem sırasında tohumlardan ayrılan, bitkinin diğer kısımlarıyla birlikte genek yaprakları, kavuz ve diğer tane örtü kısımları ve bazen da kuru ot veya sapların kabaca doğranmış durumu.
  5. İnsan. Kişi.
  6. Uzun olmak.
  7. Çanak. (Osmanlıca'da yazılışı: ke's)
  8. (en)Amputate.
  9. (en)Stow it.
  10. (en)Uncut hair, one of the five physical symbols that a Khalsa Sikh must have It is a symbol of spirituality.

stop a bullet

  1. Kurşun yemek, vurulmak

stop at nothing

  1. Hiçbir şeyden çekinmemek

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