sin ne demek?

  1. Ölü gömülen yer, gömüt, mezar, kabir, metfen, makber

    Sana ibret gerek ise / Gel göresin bu sinleri.

    Yunus Emre
  2. Yaş

    Hoş uyanık da olsam, biz sindekileri artık erkekten saymazlar ya...

    H. Taner
  3. Günah, büyük hata

    It's a sin for you to throw that bread away! / O ekmeği atma, günah!

  4. (-ned, -ning) günah işlemek, günaha girmek, günahkar olmak
  5. Yunanca ile anlamına gelen ön ek.
  6. Nükleosit konformasyonu yani nükleik asitte baz biriminin şekerin etrafında C-N glikozit bağını eksen olarak kullanarak dönmesi olayı. Polinükleotitlerde bazların kütle hâlinde şeker fosfat iskeleti etrafında dönmesi.
  7. Birbirine sıkı sıkıya bağlı bulunan iki radikalin zıt pozisyonu
  8. Beraber, bitişik
  9. (en)Cower.
  10. (en)Sepulchre.
  11. (en)Old form of Since.
  12. (en)Transgression of the law of God; disobedience of the divine command; any violation of God's will, either in purpose or conduct; moral deficiency in the character; iniquity; as, sins of omission and sins of commission.
  13. (en)An offense, in general; a violation of propriety; a misdemeanor; as, a sin against good manners.
  14. (en)Sin offering; a sacrifice for sin.
  15. (en)To violate human rights, law, or propriety; to commit an offense; to trespass; to transgress.
  16. (en)An embodiment of sin; a very wicked person.
  17. (en)An act that is regarded by theologians as a transgression of God's will violent and excited activity; 'they began to fight like sin' estrangement from god the 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet god of the moon; counterpart of Sumerian Nanna commit a sin; violate a law of God or a moral law commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake; 'I blundered during the job interview'.
  18. (en)To depart voluntarily from the path of duty prescribed by God to man; to violate the divine law in any particular, by actual transgression or by the neglect or nonobservance of its injunctions; to violate any known rule of duty; often followed by against.
  19. (en)Estrangement from god.
  20. (en)An act that is regarded by theologians as a transgression of God's will.
  21. (en)Ratio of the opposite side to the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle.
  22. (en)God of the moon; counterpart of Sumerian Nanna.
  23. (en)The breaking of one of the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament of the Bible, but later included any non-adherence to the teachings of the Christian Churches.
  24. (en)The 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
  25. (en)Things we do that fall short of God's standard of perfection and holiness We sin by disobeying God's commands We sin by ignoring God We sin by doing things contrary to the nature and character of God.
  26. (en)Violent and excited activity; 'they began to fight like sin'.
  27. (en)Sin - Transgression of the Law Not meeting the goal or the mark See Sins.
  28. (en)Commit a sin; violate a law of God or a moral law.
  29. (en)Commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake; 'I blundered during the job interview'.
  30. (en)Doing something wrong that separates you from God.
  31. (en)Sin is anything that is contrary to the law or will of God For example: if you lie, you have sinned Why? Because God has said not to lie If you do what God has forbidden, then you have sinned In addition, if you do not do what God has commanded, you sin Either way, the result is eternal separation from God Sin is lawlessness and unrighteousness Sin leads to blindness and death Paul, in the book of Romans, discusses sin He shows that everyone, both Jew and Greek, is under sin He shows that sin is not simply something that is done, but a condition of the heart In Ephesians Paul says that we are 'by nature children of wrath' Yet, 'while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly'.
  32. (en)Wrongdoing, self-centeredness The term can refer to the act itself or to the condition that gives rise to the act As one person put it, 'When I pull the pig-tails of the little girl sitting ahead of me in school, that is sin And the reason I even think of pulling her pig-tails is because I am full of sin from birth ' List of Terms.
  33. (en)The belief in the reality of our separation from God, seen by the ego as an act incapable of correction because it represents our attack on our Creator, Who would therefore never forgive us; leads to guilt, which demands punishment; equivalent to separation, and the central concept in the ego's thought system, from which all others logically follow; to the Holy Spirit, an error in our thinking to be corrected and therefore forgiven and healed.
  34. (en)Rebellion against God.
  35. (en)Breaking of God's law; a violation of His will Can be either positive , or negative.
  36. (en)Wrongdoing, seen as disobedience to God Wrongdoing, seen as disobedience to God.
  37. (en)An act of wrong doing This was a term used in archery If the arrow missed the target, the judge would yell 'sin' indicating the person had 'missed the mark' Because of our wrong doing, we have missed God's 'mark' of what He expects from us.
  38. (en)Computes a sine.
  39. (en)Anything you think, say, or do that displeases God; That which separates us from God.
  40. (en)The Bible describes sin as manifesting itself in three ways: a an act as thought, intent or impulse.
  41. Suç
  42. Günah işleme
  43. Kusur
  44. Suç işlemek.
  45. Günah işlemek, suç işlemek

sin against the holy ghost

  1. Affedilmez günah
  2. Bağışlanmaz günah

sin diye

  1. (en)In order that.

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sin against the holy ghostsin diyesin ehramısin fonksiyonusin genlersin of omissionsin of the golden calfsin offeringsin ones merciessin simgesisisi bemolsi diyezsiasiai hal
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