place bet ne demek?

  1. Bahis


  1. Konuşulan şey, konu
  2. Görüşünde veya iddiasında haklı çıkacak tarafa bir şey verilmesini kabul eden sözlü anlaşma.
  3. Söz
  4. Bir kitabın bölümlerinden her biri.
  5. Anlatan. Bahseden. Araştıran. Araştırıcı. (Osmanlıca'da yazılışı: bâhis)
  6. (en)Place bet.
  7. (en)Wager.
  8. (en)Discussion.
  9. (en)Inquiry.
  10. (en)Chapter.

place basamak

  1. Hane

place a bet

  1. Bahse girmek.


  1. Beniz kelimesi ile birlikte, "yüz rengi" anlamında ikileme oluşturan bir söz.
  2. Bereket kelimesi ile birlikte "bolluk" anlamında ikileme oluşturan bir söz
  3. Çehre rengi, beniz.
  4. Boynu uzun olmak.
  5. (en)Face.
  6. (en)That which is laid, staked, or pledged, as between two parties, upon the event of a contest or any contingent issue; the act of giving such a pledge; a wager.
  7. (en)To bet is to put money into the pot, usually by opening as later action in a round is a raise or a re-raise As a noun, a bet can be the money added to the pot by a player on one turn, or the amount required in order to call It can also be used to mean 'turn to act,' and lastly, especially when used in the plural, it can be used to mean the number of bets and raises Who bet?.
  8. (en)To put money into the pot, betting is considered action.
  9. (en)Building entrance terminal, aka entrance facility Usually the nearest location within a structure that permits termination and protection of telco entrance cable May also serve as MDF and/or BDF In some situations, the BET is co-located with, or serves as, PABX or key equipment room, MDF and/or BDF and may contain all associated power, battery and other communications equipment See EIA/TIA 568A, 569 Terminology varies.
  10. (en)The amount of money subject to loss in any one game by a player.

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