pagan religion ne demek?

  1. Putperest inanisi


  1. Puta tapan
  2. Allah'tan başka şeyleri ilah kabul eden, puta inanıp ona ibadet eden. Puta tapan. (Bak:Büt-Perest) (Osmanlıca'da yazılışı: put-perest)
  3. (en)Idolater.
  4. (en)Idolatress.
  5. (en)Heathenish.
  6. (en)Pagan.
  7. (en)Heathen.
  8. (en)Worshipper of idols.
  9. (en)Profane.


  1. Çok tanrılı dinden olan (kimse), payen.
  2. (en)One who is not a Christian, Muslim, or Jew.
  3. (en)Person who is not a member of a widely held religion.
  4. (en)An umbrella term to describe most earth based religions, with worship of God and Goddess as equals an intrinsic part.
  5. (en)Nintendo64 emulator for Win32.
  6. (en)Person who does not acknowledge your God.
  7. (en)Not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam.
  8. (en)Pay-gan; There is much debate as to the proper definition of this word My definition is 'a Nature-oriented religion' Pagan is derived from the latin 'pagani', meaning country When Christianity gained popularity by converting people in the cities, those still in the country who still held their Nature-oriented beliefs were called 'pagans' Unfortunately, over time these pagans who had once had respect in the community were now considered 'evil' and were forced to take their beliefs underground where they have survived to this day.
  9. (en)Practitioner of an Earth Religion; from the Latin paganus, a country dweller.
  10. (en)Person who follows non christian or other socially established faiths They are usually of an earth based faith or religion This includes family's taught practices that might including witch craft, psychic gifts and the like.


  1. Atılmış pamuk.


  1. Kutsal görev, onur meselesi
  2. Dindarlık
  3. Din, iman
  4. Diyanet, din duygusu
  5. Tarikat, mezhep

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