memorandum ne demek?

  1. Muhtıra, nota.
  2. (en)Memorandum.
  3. (en)Record of something which it is desired to remember; a note to help the memory.
  4. (en)Brief or informal note in writing of some transaction, or an outline of an intended instrument; an instrument drawn up in a brief and compendious form.
  5. (en)Memo.
  6. (en)Written proposal or reminder.
  7. (en)Sometimes also referred to as a 'Bidder Acknowledgment,' or 'Broker Acknowledgment,' the memorandum is signed by those parties either on the auction floor or in the contract room.
  8. (en)Memorandum title is a nonnegotiable title issued when you bring a vehicle from out-of-state, have a lien on the vehicle and your lienholder has possession of your out-of-state title A Memorandum title is not valid unless accompanied by the previous out-of-state title.
  9. (en)Written communication much like a letter but having no salutation or complimentary ending Usually used within or between offices of the same organization.
  10. (en)Sometimes also referred to as a 'Bidder Acknowledgment' or 'Broker Acknowledgment', the memorandum is signed by those parties either on the auction floor or in the contract room.
  11. (en)An informal note or instrument embodying something the parties desire to have in written evidence.
  12. (en)The Memorandum of Association of an IBC, equivalent to articles of incorporation.
  13. (en)Document setting out main objects of the company and its powers to act.
  14. (en)Memorandum , minute , note.
  15. (en)OF TRUST A document, usually recorded, which shows that a trust has been created, names the TRUSTEES and successor trustees, and states their powers, and lists the property subject to the trust It is sometimes called a Certificate of Trust.
  16. (en)An informal discussion of the merits of a matter pending in a lawyer's office usually written by a law clerk or junior associate for a senior associate partner Also called an Office memorandum.
  17. Not, bildiri, muhtıra

memorandum book

  1. Ajanda

memorandum clause

  1. Deniz sigortaları poliçelerinde, sigortacıyı bazı önemsiz zararlardan sorumlu tutmayan sözleşme maddesi

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