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  1. Bir kuruluşun, gazete vb.nin adının simge özelliği bulunan özel olarak hazırlanmış biçimi.
  2. Marka, alametifarika.
  3. Bir resim, kelime, hece veya birkaç harften oluşan işaret.
  4. Bk. tanıtaç
  5. (en)Logo.
  6. (en)Company emblem or device.
  7. (en)Combination of characters and/or graphics creating a single design used to identify a company.
  8. (en)Logo is an interpreted language designed by Papert in 1966 to be a tool for helping people learn computer programming concepts In addition to being used for that purpose, it is often used as a language for controlling mechanical robots and other similar devices Logo interfaces even exist for building block / toy robot sets Logo uses a special graphics cursor called 'the turtle', and Logo is itself sometimes called 'Turtle Graphics' Logo is quite portable but not particularly fast Versions can be found on almost every computer platform in the world Additionally, some other languages provide Logo-like interfaces for graphics-intensive programming.
  9. (en)Company or product mark lightly inked on the back of the face.
  10. (en)Symbolic form, frequently composed of letter shapes, that identifies organizations such as businesses, companies, teams, or schools.
  11. (en)Always make sure your style guide has information about proper use of your company's logo and/or your site logo, including all variations and approved methods of rendering in techniques such as Flash.
  12. (en)The trademarked symbol of a business.
  13. (en)Logo containing the name of a company or store has a tremendous effect on a site's overall look Paying for a graphic designer to make a professional looking logo is well worth the money On the Web, logos should generally be saved in gif format, unless they contain photos, in which case they should be saved as a jpeg If you would like to have a logo made for your store, ICentral does custom design.
  14. (en)Company, partnership or corporate creation that denotes a unique entity A possible combination of letters and art work to create a 'sole' entity symbol of that specific unit.
  15. (en)An often-stylized group of letters, words or symbols used to represent a business or product The use of a company's logo is regulated by the federal government.
  16. (en)An often stylized group of letters, words or symbols used to represent a business or product.
  17. (en)In popular usage any image used as a sign for a company, brand, and so forth Logos are often descended from heraldry.
  18. (en)Name, symbol, or trademark of a company or organization Short for logotype.
  19. (en)Language developed at MIT by Seymore Papert that features commands that move a 'turtle' on the CRT screen.
  20. (en)Logotype; A distinctive mark that identifies the company, product or brand.
  21. (en)Identification image.
  22. (en)Logotype.
  23. (en)Emblem.
  24. (en)Visual image used as a company trade mark or instead of the company name.
  25. (en)An identifying symbol used to advertise and promote an organization, event, product or service Usually, such symbols combine pictorial and textual elements in a distinctive manner When consisting solely of stylized textual elements, such symbols are referred to as logotypes or wordmarks.
  26. (en)Usually the following text printed in four lines centered at the bottom of the verso: Printed in the United States of America from author submitted camera ready copy by: The Gregath Publishing Company P O Box 505 - Wyandotte, OK 74370 http://www gregathcompany com.
  27. (en)Symbol or other recognisable form that allows others to recognise your company, its products, premises etc.
  28. (en)Symbol that represents a person, firm, or organization.
  29. Logo, işaret, ticari ad
  30. Logotype.


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