kit ne demek?

  1. Macun.
  2. Aygıt, araç.
  3. Bk. Kamu İktisadi Teşebbüsü
  4. (en)Group of separate parts, things, or individuals; used with whole, and generally contemptuously; as, the whole kit of them.
  5. (en)Young of any of various fur-bearing animals; 'a fox kit' gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose a case for containing a set of articles.
  6. (en)Case for containing a set of articles.
  7. (en)Gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose.
  8. (en)Young of any of various fur-bearing animals; 'a fox kit'.
  9. (en)Supply with a set of articles or tools.
  10. (en)Set of all the parts needed to turn a frame into a ready-to-ride bicycle See 'group.
  11. (en)The components of a product that have been pulled from stock and prepared for production or shipping.
  12. (en)The components of an assembly, which have been pulled from stock and packaged for use Examples are components from which an assembly is to be produced, or a group of gaskets readied for an engine overhaul.
  13. (en)Collection of assay components, including, but not limited to, reagents, that have been standardized relative to each other so as to produce defined performance characteristics when used in combination according to an established protocol.
  14. (en)This design is only available as a kit , avionics, upholstery, paint, etc.
  15. (en)Gear.
  16. (en)To cut.
  17. (en)Kitten.
  18. (en)Small violin.
  19. (en)Large bottle.
  20. (en)Wooden tub or pail, smaller at the top than at the bottom; as, a kit of butter, or of mackerel.
  21. (en)Straw or rush basket for fish; also, any kind of basket.
  22. (en)Box for working implements; hence, a working outfit, as of a workman, a soldier, and the like.
  23. (en)An item containing two or more categories of material, where not one of which is identifiable as the predominant constituent of the item; also designated 'multimedia item,' See also Game.
  24. (en)Components of an assembly that have been pulled from stock and readied for movement to the assembly area [APIC] A kit is a collection of carefully identified and controlled items used to build a module, subassembly or assembly Kit items are usually kept in a box or bag and labeled.
  25. (en)Set of diving equipment.
  26. (en)Pre made component parts used to build a specific aircraft Trophy Race Final race consisting of top five winners in heat races for each bracket in each class.
  27. (en)Computer equipment.
  28. (en)Slang: Drum kit Submitted by Karl Kuenning RFL from Roadie Net.
  29. (en)Keep In Touch.
  30. (en)Equipment for injecting drugs; also 'Fit', 'Works'.
  31. (en)Kit is a collection of files and directories that represent one or more layered products It is the standard mechanism by which layered product modifications are delivered and maintained on the operating system See also layered product.
  32. (en)Any complete path along which charge can flow.
  33. (en)Kitchen.
  34. (en)Basic kit of cable, jacks and a patch panel to install on NetDay See the NetDay site for up-to-date information on NetDay kits.
  35. Yavru kedi encik enik.
  36. Eskiden dans hocalannln kullandığı üç telli küçük keman.
  37. Alet çantası, malzeme, alet takımı, araç gereç, pılı pırtı
  38. Tahin
  39. Alet takımı, avadanlık
  40. Monte edilmemiş takım
  41. Takım çantası

kamu iktisadi teşebbüsü

  1. İktisadi Devlet Teşekkülü ile Kamu İktisadi Kuruluşlarının ortak adı.
  2. (en)Public Economic Enterprises, State Economic Enterprises.

kit bag

  1. Yolcu çantasi

kit out

  1. Equip with a kit; provide a person with the clothes and equipment required to do something

Türetilmiş Kelimeler (bis)

kit bagkit outkitabkitab ı mukaddeskitaba bağlı kalmışkitaba dalmakkitaba eklenen boş sayfakitaba el basmakkitaba göz gezdirmekkitaba tapmakiki bağlacıki bundanki bununki değeri
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