ini ne demek?

  1. Kayınbirader.
  2. (en)Is a file extension for a client/script.
  3. (en)Model File, with extension ini, that specifies initial values for Variables See also Harness and Params.
  4. (en)Short for initialization, INI usually hangs on the end of files that contain special system settings They're for the computer to mess with, not users.
  5. (en)File extension for files that contain basic information that a program uses when it is executed.
  6. (en)Initialization File - Batch-file with information for a program to run in a particular manner and all the paths to additional tools.
  7. (en)We two.
  8. (en)For initialization files.

ini file

  1. Ini Dosyası

ini file diff

  1. Ini Dosyası Diff ışlemi

Türetilmiş Kelimeler (bis)

ini fileini file diffiniansefalinibeyiniciinici gaminicioinidalinidaminikinin a bad conditionin a bad fixin a bad lightin a bad mood
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