harebrained ne demek?

  1. Kuş beyinli, kafasız .
  2. Kuş beyinli, kafasız, aptal


  1. Çançiçeği, yaban sümbülü, (bot.) Campanula rotundifolia .
  2. Çançiçeği, yaban sümbülü


  1. Bazı nesne, canlı, göz vb.nde dalgalanır gibi görünen parlak çizgiler.
  2. Üzerinde dalgalı çizgiler bulunan kumaş.
  3. Yabani tavşan, tavşan.
  4. Çok sert taş, mermer.
  5. Menevişli kumaş.
  6. Meneviş, dalgır.
  7. Kaya, sert taş.
  8. (en)Watermaking.
  9. (en)The English gentleman who popularized Choice Voting, which he called 'Personal Representation', in the second half of the 19th century His work captured the attention of John Stuart Mill, the most famous scholar on representative government, who unsuccessfully campaigned for it while serving in the House of Commons Simon Sterne and others brought Hare's ideas to the United States.
  10. (en)The person who determines the trail to be run and then sets the marks to lead the pack to the On-In Trickery and deception are often employed to foil the pack in its quest for beer.

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