deva ne demek?

  1. İlaç, çare

    Deva bulmaz bir can kaygısına düşer.

    F. R. Atay
  2. ilaç. çare, tedbir
  3. İlaç, çare. Hastalığın iyi olmasına sebeb olan gıda.
  4. (en)Drug.
  5. (en)Cure.
  6. (en)Medicine ilaç.
  7. (en)Çare.
  8. (en)Medicine.
  9. (en)Angel or celestial being belonging to a kingdom in nature evolving parallel to humanity, and ranging from sub-human elementals to super-human beings on a level with a planetary Logos They are the 'active builders,' working intelligently with substance to create all the forms we see, including the mental, emotional and physical bodies of humanity.
  10. (en)Male deity; literally 'shining one'.
  11. (en)Heavenly beings, deities, celestials, are beings who live in happy worlds, and who, as a rule, are invisible to the human eye They are subject, however, just like all human and other beings, to ever-repeated rebirth, old age and death, and thus are not freed from the cycle of existence and from misery There are many classes of heavenly beings.
  12. (en)God or deity, a being situated in one of the higher realms of existence, but who is still subject to the cycle of rebirth also see Cosmology Page.
  13. (en)These are the gods or heavenly beings Because of their good merit, they are able to enjoy the pleasures of heaven At some point, when their merits are used up, they are reborn into one of the lower realms.
  14. (en)God or deity; divine quality.
  15. (en)Devi : Originally from Hinduism Deva is a god In Buddhism, they are still subject to the endless cycle of existence.
  16. (en)Sanskrit term' for a deity; Divine Being Responsible for building all forms and holding the patterns; from Nature to the Solar System.
  17. (en)Demigod or godly person.
  18. (en)Remedy.
  19. (en)Literally, 'shining one ' An inhabitant of the heavenly realms.
  20. (en)Literally, 'shining one' An inhabitant of the heavenly realms.
  21. (en)Lit , 'A shining one' An inhabitant of the heavenly realms, which is characterized by long life, joyous surroundings and blissful states of mind In the Buddhist tradition, these states are understood to be impermanent, not eternal.
  22. (en)God Demi-god; great personality in devotion to Krishna, selfrealized to administrative independence 'Shining one ' A being living in the higher astral plane, in a subtle, nonphysical body Deva is also used in scripture to mean 'God or Deity.
  23. (en)Demi-god, celestial being.

deva napezir

  1. Devası bulunmaz hastalık. (Osmanlıca'da yazılışı: deva na-pezir)

deva olan

  1. (en)Remedial.

Türetilmiş Kelimeler (bis)

deva napezirdeva olandevabbdevacdevadardevahidevahildevahindevaıdevaidevdev adam hastalığıdev adımdev adımlarıyla ilerlemekdev adımlarla ilerlemek
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