cup ne demek?

  1. Kupa, fincan
  2. Bardak, kâse, kadeh
  3. Çanak gibi yapmak, şişe çekmek; kavramak
  4. Şişe çekmek, hacamat yapmak, vantuz çekmek
  5. Litrenin dörtte biri, 236 cm3
  6. (Türkçe) Suya düşen bir şeyin çıkardığı ses.
  7. (en)Cock or cup containing grease, to serve as a lubricator.
  8. (en)United States liquid unit equal to 8 fluid ounces.
  9. (en)The quantity a cup will hold; 'he drank a cup of coffee'; 'he borrowed a cup of sugar'.
  10. (en)Small open container usually used for drinking; usually has a handle; 'he put the cup back in the saucer'; 'the handle of the cup was missing'.
  11. (en)Large metal vessel with two handles that is awarded as a trophy to the winner of a competition; 'the school kept the cups is a special glass case'.
  12. (en)Any cup-shaped concavity; 'bees filled the waxen cups with honey'; 'he wore a jock strap with a metal cup'; 'the cup of her bra'.
  13. (en)The hole on a golf green; 'he swore as the ball rimmed the cup and rolled away'; 'put the flag back in the cup'.
  14. (en)Punch served in a pitcher instead of a punch bowl.
  15. (en)Cup-shaped plant organ.
  16. (en)Form into the shape of a cup; 'She cupped her hands'.
  17. (en)Put into a cup; 'cup the milk'.
  18. (en)Treat by applying evacuated cups to the patient's skin.
  19. (en)Copper Units of Pressure In this pressure measuring technique a hole is drilled in the chamber and a piston fitted that presses on a calibrated copper slug The whole assembly is held in place with a yolk When the cartridge is fired the piston presses on the crusher and deforms it lengthwise slightly.
  20. (en)The Tool of the West; used to hold salt water, water or any drink used in a ritual In some Traditions, the cup is symbolic of the female It may be a goblet, chalice, bowl, or other vessel capable of holding liquid.
  21. (en)Slight depression normally present in the part of the optic nerve that can be seen by looking inside the eye In glaucoma, the cup is larger than it should be.
  22. (en)The base and liner or sleeve inside the hole that holds the flagstick in place Example: You can hear the ball rattle around in the cup when you make a putt, and that's a sweet reward.
  23. (en)Modified area of the trailing edge of the propeller that will and can affect hole shot and bow lift.
  24. (en)Small measure of volume usually used in cooking or cleaning -- 'A recipe says to mix 4 cups of white sugar with.
  25. (en)In usage this term is similar to mug, in that it implies a handle but no lid It frequently is applied to smaller vessels, and always to items which were made for drinking tea or coffee We have tea cups and coffee cups , but beer mugs or steins.
  26. (en)Long refreshing drink made from wine, cider or fortified wine, topped up with mixers, with various added fruits or juices.
  27. (en)The Common Underlying Proficiency theory of language interdependence asserts that a person who has high language proficency in one language will learn a second language better and faster because many of the basic concepts can be used to strengthen both languages.
  28. (en)[silver jar given as a prize for winning in sports] piala 2 n [small bowl with a handle for drinking coffee/tea] cangkir.
  29. (en)Plop.
  30. (en)Small vessel, used commonly to drink from; as, a tin cup, a silver cup, a wine cup; especially, in modern times, the pottery or porcelain vessel, commonly with a handle, used with a saucer in drinking tea, coffee, and the like.
  31. (en)The contents of such a vessel; a cupful.
  32. (en)Repeated potations; social or excessive indulgence in intoxicating drinks; revelry.
  33. (en)That which is to be received or indured; that which is allotted to one; a portion.
  34. (en)Anything shaped like a cup; as, the cup of an acorn, or of a flower.
  35. (en)Cupping glass or other vessel or instrument used to produce the vacuum in cupping.
  36. (en)To supply with cups of wine.
  37. (en)To apply a cupping apparatus to; to subject to the operation of cupping.
  38. (en)See Cupping.
  39. (en)To make concave or in the form of a cup; as, to cup the end of a screw.
  40. (en)Flop.
  41. (en)The tubular lining sunk in the hole Also the hole itself.
  42. (en)The hole in the green into which the ball is eventually putted.
  43. (en)To close the palm on the ball when tossing it up for a serve Cupping is against the rules, since it can be used to put spin on the ball.
  44. (en)The remnants of the universal veil surrounding the base of certain mushrooms, such as Amanita andVolvariella Also called 'volva.
  45. (en)The three defensive players that surround the player with the disc during a zone defence One player marking the disc and the two others 3 metres away.
  46. (en)Deviation from a straight line stretched across the width of a panel or board.
  47. (en)Form of warp in which there is a deviation from flatness across the width of a board.
  48. (en)It is an attachment on the Wing of a jump that holds the rail.
  49. (en)Equivalent to one condensed milk can: 10 fl oz.
  50. (en)Distortion of a board in which there is a deviation flatwise from a straight line across the board.
  51. (en)The volume of space that starts just below the inner rim The inside of the mouthpiece is usually curved; this curve can be extremely variable from design to design It may have relatively straight-sloping sides like a funnel , or a shape like that of a tulip Cups may be shallow or deep Infinite variations on these two shapes are possible, and the existence of other types is not ruled out.
  52. (en)The metal or plastic cylinder fitted into the hole in the green Strictly speaking, it is only the liner of the hole, but in regular golf usage players will often say 'cup' when they mean 'hole,' just as they frequently will say 'just in bounds' when they mean 'out of bounds,' 'Oh, here it is' when they mean 'I can't find it' and 'five' when they mean 'seven.
  53. (en)Distortion of a board in which there is a deviation from a straight line across the width of the board.
  54. Spor kupa

cup diye

  1. (en)Flop.

cup diye düşmek

  1. (en)Flop, plop, splash.

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