ce ne demek?

  1. Türk alfabesinin üçüncü harfinin adı, okunuşu.
  2. Kucak çocuklarını, bebekleri eğlendirmek için çıkarılan ses.
  3. Seryum elementinin simgesi.
  4. (en)Conformity European A mark that is affixed to a product to designate that it is in full compliance with all applicable European Union legal requirements.
  5. (en)Common era, or in the Christian calendar, AD, anno domini in the year of our Lord.
  6. (en)Connected Entity.
  7. (en)Customer edge router A CE is part of a customer network and interfaces to a provider edge router A CE can join any set of virtual private networks Each CE connects a customer site to a PE, obtaining the VPN service for that customer site, and belongs to exactly one customer Each CE may have many configlets and may be configured by multiple SRVC service requests When using the API, a CE is implemented as an instance of the CiscoVsmBrowser::VsmCE interface.
  8. (en)Conformite Europeenne.
  9. (en)Ductile gray metallic element of the lanthanide series; used in lighter flints; the most abundant of the rare-earth group.
  10. (en)Conformite Europeene A mark that is affixed to a product to designate that it is in full compliance with all applicable European Union legal requirements.
  11. (en)This stands for 'Common Era' and refers to years in the civil/Gregorian It replaces the older, specifically Christian, term 'AD'.
  12. (en)Abbreviation for 'Common Era,' which coincides with the Christian era or AD.
  13. (en)Communications Engineer.
  14. (en)Systematic approach to creating a product design that considers all elements of the product life cycle from conception of the design to disposal of the product, and in so doing defines the product, its manufacturing processes, and all other required life cycle processes such as logistic support.
  15. (en)Common Era The period coinciding with the Christian era.
  16. (en)Categorical Exclusion: A management decision to exclude a particular action from certain NEPA processes.
  17. (en)An acronym for the 'common era'.
  18. (en)Abbreviation: Common Era Term replacing AD in the modern timescale, referring to the time after the Birth of Christ.
  19. (en)Distance from back of a truck's cab to the end of its frame.
  20. (en)Component of ETERNUS GR Storage which consists of controller module, channel adapter, device adapter, power supply, battery, fan and chassis.
  21. (en)Mark applied to an end-use product certifying that the product meets 'applicable directives' and can be sold in Europe 'Certified Europe' is the result of the 'harmonization' or unification of European safety and other standards Each type of end-use equipment has 'applicable directives' which must be met in order to display the CE mark Power supplies intended for use within an end-use system are not required to have a CE mark However, many power supply manufacturers offer CE-certified power supplies which have been tested to the applicable directives which the power supply manufacturer believes will be necessary for the anticipated end-use equipment.
  22. (en)European Conformity.
  23. (en)Connection Endpoint: A terminator at one end of a layer connection within a SAP.
  24. (en)Common Era; preferred term among many Jews and other non-Christians for the current civil year numerical system, as opposed to Anno Domini BC becomes Before the Common Era under this system.
  25. (en)Capillary Electrophoresis.
  26. (en)Continuing Education; See also DCE.
  28. Chemical Engineer, Church of England, Civil Engineer.

ce hali

  1. "Bir şeye göre", "Bir şey tarafından", "Bir şeyin vasfına uygun olarak", "Bir şeyin bütüniyle" gibi anlamlar veren ve -ce ekiyle yapılan isim hali : "Bence bu böyledir", "Bu herkesçe istenilen bir şeydr", "Arkadaşça muamele", "Ailece gezmeğe gittiler" gibi.
  2. (fr)Equatif

ce işareti

  1. Ürün gruplarının Avrupa Birliği"nin Yeni Yaklaşım Politikası kapsamında belirlenen sağlık, güvenlik, çevrenin ve tüketicinin korunması için gerekli koşulları sağladığını gösteren işaret.
  2. (en)Community Europe, Conformite Europenne, CE Mark.

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