assume sponsorship of ne demek?

  1. Sponsor


  1. Bir işin, bir faaliyetin maddi ve manevi yönünü üstlenen kimse veya kurum.
  2. (en)Sponsor.
  3. (en)One who at the baptism of an infant professes the Christian faith in its name, and guarantees its religious education; a godfather or godmother.
  4. (en)Assume sponsorship of assume responsibility for or leadership of; 'The senator announced that he would sponsor the health care plan'.
  5. (en)One who binds himself to answer for another, and is responsible for his default; a surety.
  6. (en)Many Web pages have organizations, businesses, institutions like universities or nonprofit foundations, or other interests which 'sponsor' the page Frequently you can find a link titled 'Sponsors' or an 'About us' link explaining who or what is sponsoring the page Sometimes the advertisers on the page are 'sponsors ' WHY is this important? Sponsors and the funding they provide may, or may not, influence what can be said on the page or site -- can bias what you find, by excluding some opposing viewpoint or causing some other imbalanced information The site is not bad because of sponsors, but you they should alert you to the need to evaluate a page or site very carefully.
  7. (en)Person or entity that initiates, funds, or is responsible for a research study Under some circumstances, e g , cooperative agreements, as well as some commercially sponsored research, a sponsor also may participate in conducting the study A sponsor may be an individual; a pharmaceutical company, device manufacturer, or other company; a governmental agency; an academic institution; a foundation or other public or private organization For research that is regulated by FDA, the sponsor is the entity responsible for meeting FDA requirements in initiating and conducting a study, submitting annual reports and safety reports, and in preparing and presenting an application for approval to market a new drug or device 21 CFR 50.
  8. (en)The pharmaceutical company, research institution, or healthcare organization that funds a clinical trial and designs the protocol.
  9. (en)The legislator who guides the bill through the legislative process after the bill has passed the originating chamber The sponsor must be a member of the opposite chamber of the one in which the bill was filed.
  10. (en)An individual, company, institution, or organisation which takes responsibility for the initiation, management, and/or financing of a clinical trial.


  1. Üzerine almak, deruhte etmek
  2. Farzetmek, var olduğunu kabul etmek
  3. Var gibi göstermek, yakıştırmak
  4. Yetkisi olmadan bir vazifeyi üstüne almak
  5. Hükmetmek, taslamak, addetmek

assume a humble attitude

  1. Alttan almak


  1. Kefillik, destek, himaye


  1. Sıkıntı, bezginlik, usanç, acı, yorgunluk vb. duyguları belirten bir söz
  2. (en)Ugh!.
  3. (en)In a general sense, from, or out from; proceeding from; belonging to; relating to; concerning; used in a variety of applications; as: Denoting that from which anything proceeds; indicating origin, source, descent, and the like; as, he is of a race of kings; he is of noble blood.
  4. (en)Denoting possession or ownership, or the relation of subject to attribute; as, the apartment of the consul: the power of the king; a man of courage; the gate of heaven.
  5. (en)Denoting the material of which anything is composed, or that which it contains; as, a throne of gold; a sword of steel; a wreath of mist; a cup of water.
  6. (en)Oil filters.
  7. (en)Denoting part of an aggregate or whole; belonging to a number or quantity mentioned; out of; from amongst; as, of this little he had some to spare; some of the mines were unproductive; most of the company.
  8. (en)Prep w dat , from, out of, of, away from, contrary to, by.
  9. (en)Denoting that by which a person or thing is actuated or impelled; also, the source of a purpose or action; as, they went of their own will; no body can move of itself; he did it of necessity.
  10. (en)Optional Form Source: US EPA.

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