aromarama ne demek?

  1. Amerikalı Charles Weiss'in 1959'da geliştirdiği, otuz bir çeşit kokuyu Stratonic adlı bir aygıt yardımıyla filmin görüntülerine uygun olarak salona dağıtan, sonra temizleyen kokulu film işlemi.
  2. (en)AromaRama.
  3. (al)AromaRama
  4. (fr)AromaRama


  1. Hoş koku.
  2. Gıdaların duyusal muayenelerinde çiğneme ve yutkunma sonucunda hissedilen tat ve kokunun birlikte oluşturdukları haz verici duyum, rayiha.
  3. (en)Aroma.
  4. (en)The quality or principle of plants or other substances which constitutes their fragrance; agreeable odor; as, the aroma of coffee.
  5. (en)Strictly speaking, aroma can't be separated from acidity and flavor Acidy coffees smell acidy, and richly flavored coffees smell richly flavored Nevertheless, certain high, fleeting notes are reflected most clearly in the nose of a coffee, as some tasters say There is frequently a subtle floral note to some coffee that is experienced most clearly in the aroma, particularly at the moment the crust is broken in the traditional tasting ritual Of the three coffees I recommend for your tasting, you are most likely to detect this fresh floral note in the Yemen Mocha, but depending on the roast and freshness of the coffee you could experience it in any of the three samples The best Colombian and Kona coffees are particularly noted for their floral aroma The sensation of the gases released from brewed coffee, ranging from fruity to herby, as they are inhaled through the nose.
  6. (en)The smell of a wine, especially young wines.
  7. (en)The intensity and character of the aroma can be assessed with nearly any descriptive adjective Usually refers to the particular smell of the grape variety The word 'bouquet' is usually restricted to describing the aroma of a cellar-aged bottled wine.
  8. (en)Also known as fruit, flavour or bouquet, the aromas are the smells given off by the wine.
  9. (en)The fragrance of brewed coffee The smell of coffee grounds is referred to as the Bouquet.
  10. (en)Also known as the nose, the odor of the brewed leaf and the resulting liquor.

aroma artırıcı

  1. Gıdaya hoş koku kazandırmak veya var olanı güçlendirmek amacıyla eklenen doğal veya sentetik katkı maddeleri.
  2. (en)Flavoring.

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