additive inverse element ne demek?

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  1. Katkı
  2. Katılan kimyasal madde
  3. Toplamsal, ilâve olunacak.
  4. Katkı, katkı maddesi

additive complementary colours

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  1. Kimyasal çözümlemeyle ayrıştırılamayan veya bireşim yoluyla elde edilemeyen madde.
  2. Bk. öğe
  3. Tek tip atomlardan oluşan ve kimyasal yollarla daha basit maddelere ayrıştırılamayan madde.
  4. Birincil parçalardan herhangi biri veya bir şeyin ögeleri.
  5. Aynı cins atomlardan yapılmış ve daha basit maddelere parçalanamayan basit bir madde.
  6. (en)One of the simplest or essential parts or principles of which anything consists, or upon which the constitution or fundamental powers of anything are based.
  7. (en)One of the ultimate, undecomposable constituents of any kind of matter.
  8. (en)Specifically: A substance which cannot be decomposed into different kinds of matter by any means at present employed; as, the elements of water are oxygen and hydrogen.
  9. (en)To compound of elements or first principles.
  10. (en)The basic unit of an HTML document HTML documents use start and stop tags to define structural elements in the document These elements are arranged hierarchically, to define the overall document structure The name of the element is given by the tag, and indicates the meaning associated with the block Some elements are empty, since they don't affect a block of text Elements that have content are also often called containers.

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