transfer ne demek?

  1. Bir yerden başka bir yere taşıma veya götürme.
  2. Bir kimsenin herhangi bir hakkını bir başkasına geçirmesini sağlayan iş.
  3. Bir profesyonel sporcunun, para karşılığı kulübünden bir başka kulübe geçmesi.
  4. Nakil, havale, transfer, geçirme
  5. Bk. aktarım
  6. Aktarma, aktarma bileti
  7. Iletmek, transfer etmek, aktarmak
  8. Basmak (kopya), aktarma yapmak, ihale etmek
  9. Transfer etmek, transfer olmak
  10. Devretmek, nakletmek, geçirmek
  11. (bir mal) üzerindeki hakkı (başkasına) geçirme/devretme/devir
  12. Havale etmek
  13. Bk. takım değiştirme.
  14. Bk. takım değiştirme
  15. (en)Transfer.
  16. (en)To convey from one place or person another; to transport, remove, or cause to pass, to another place or person; as, to transfer the laws of one country to another; to transfer suspicion.
  17. (en)To make over the possession or control of; to pass; to convey, as a right, from one person to another; to give; as, the title to land is transferred by deed.
  18. (en)To remove from one substance or surface to another; as, to transfer drawings or engravings to a lithographic stone.
  19. (en)The act of transferring, or the state of being transferred; the removal or conveyance of a thing from one place or person to another.
  20. (en)The conveyance of right, title, or property, either real or personal, from one person to another, whether by sale, by gift, or otherwise.
  21. (en)That which is transferred.
  22. (en)Picture, or the like, removed from one body or ground to another, as from wood to canvas, or from one piece of canvas to another.
  23. (en)Drawing or writing printed off from one surface on another, as in ceramics and in many decorative arts.
  24. (en)Soldier removed from one troop, or body of troops, and placed in another.
  25. (en)Nomenclature associated with the J-1 exchange visitor program There are procedures for transferring J-1 exchange visitors from the sponsorship of one institution to another Employment-based nonimmigrants such as H-1 and O-1 cannot transfer between institutions A move like this requires that a new petition be filed by the 'receiving' institution.
  26. (en)To switch enrollment from one educational institution to another.
  27. (en)Change by an employee from one position to another position of the same class or another class having essentially the same maximum salary limit, involving the performance of similar duties and requiring virtually the same basic qualifications.
  28. (en)Student may change from one collegiate institution to another after having met the requirements for admission to the second institution.
  29. (en)The process of moving photo interpreted data from an aerial photo overlay to an ortho image to register and rectify the data This process varies depending on the type of technology used.
  30. (en)The written instrument, signed by the 'Transferor' , and delivered to the 'Transferee' , by which one person conveys a property to another.
  31. (en)The change of an individual, without a break in service of one full workday, from an SES position in one agency to an SES position in another agency.
  32. (en)Transference.
  33. (en)Pathological process by virtue of which a unilateral morbid condition on being abolished on one side of the body makes its appearance in the corresponding region upon the other side.
  34. (en)Transferal.
  35. (en)Transferring.
  36. (en)The act of transporting something from one location to another.
  37. (en)Someone who transfers or is transferred from one position to another; 'the best student was a transfer from LSU'.
  38. (en)The act of transfering something from one form to another; 'the transfer of the music from record to tape suppressed much of the background noise'.
  39. (en)Ticket that allows a passenger to change conveyances.
  40. (en)Application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation.
  41. (en)Transferring ownership.
  42. (en)Move around; 'transfer the packet from his trouser pockets to a pocket in his jacket'.
  43. (en)Transfer somebody to a different position or location of work.
  44. (en)Move from one place to another; 'transfer the data'; 'transmit the news'; 'transfer the patient to another hospital'.
  45. (en)Lift and reset in another soil or situation; 'Transplant the young rice plants'.
  46. (en)Cause to change ownership; 'I transferred my stock holdings to my children'.
  47. (en)Change from one vehicle or transportation line to another; 'She changed in Chicago on her way to the East coast'.
  48. (en)Send from one person or place to another; 'transmit a message'.
  49. (en)Shift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes; 'He removed his children to the countryside'; 'Remove the troops to the forest surrounding the city'; 'remove a case to another court'.
  50. (en)Transfer from one place or period to another; 'The ancient Greek story was transplanted into Modern America'.
  51. (en)Change of ownership from one person or party to another.
  52. (en)On occasion, domains are sold to another organization or sometimes the name of a company might change Most registries require a letter of permission from the old owner to hand over control to the new owner The procedures for Transfer of ownership will depend on the registry.
  53. (en)The process of copying the media from one source to another For example, transferring your footage from Digital Video to Beta.
  54. (en)The change of physical and legal custody of records from the creating administrative unit to the University Archives 2 The change of physical custody of records without the corresponding change in legal custody from the creating administrative unit to the University Records Center.
  55. (en)The transfer of pupils from primary to secondary school or the pupils' ability to use learning acquired in one context in another context.
  56. (en)On the London Stock Exchange, the form signed by the seller of a security authorising the company to remove his name from the register, and substitute that of the buyer.
  57. (en)Means the movement to a different agency of an employee from one position to another position having the same salary range, or the movement of a position from one agency to another agency, which does not require reclassification.
  58. Devretmek, başkasına bırakmak
  59. Baskı ile kopya etmek
  60. Aktarma yapmak
  61. Devir, feragat
  62. Naklolunan veya geçirilen şey
  63. Çıkartma
  64. Telgraf havalesi
  65. Aktarma bileti.


  1. Bkz. taşınma, transfer, transplantasyon
  2. Aktarma işi, nakil.
  3. Psikoterapide hastanın terapiste ruhsal yapısı üzerinde etkili olmuş deneyim ve ilişkilerini aktarması.
  4. Herhangi bir müzik parçasını yazılı bulunduğu dizinin derecelerini indirerek veya yükselterek aktarış.
  5. Erkeyi ya da devinimi bir yerden başka bir yere geçirme.
  6. Erke ya da özdeğin bir yerden bir yere geçişi.
  7. (en)Transplantation.
  8. (en)Quotation.
  9. (en)Translation.
  10. (en)Transference.

transfer abroad

  1. Yurtdışına transfer et

transfer address

  1. Aktarma adresi

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