tablet ne demek?

  1. Düz ve yassı biçimli, çiğnenecek veya yutulacak madde.
  2. Eski medeniyetlerden kalma, pişmiş veya güneşte kurutulmuş kilden yapılmış, üzerinde çivi yazısı ile metin yazılı belge.
  3. Toz ilaçların bağlayıcı maddeler ve kolay dağılabilen nişasta, talk, süt şekeri gibi bazı maddelerle karıştırılarak özel makinelerde sıkıştırılarak yapılan, çoğunlukla yuvarlak, yüzeyleri düz veya kabarık olan bir müstahzar çeşidi.
  4. (en)Tabloid.
  5. (en)Table.
  6. (en)Solid kind of electuary or confection, commonly made of dry ingredients with sugar, and usually formed into little flat squares; called also lozenge, and troche, especially when of a round or rounded form.
  7. (en)Small flat compressed cake of some substance; 'a tablet of soap' a slab of stone or wood suitable for bearing an inscription.
  8. (en)Slab of stone or wood suitable for bearing an inscription.
  9. (en)Number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge.
  10. (en)Small flat compressed cake of some substance; 'a tablet of soap'.
  11. (en)Dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet.
  12. (en)Hardware device used with a pen-like stylus or mouse-like puck to digitize an image for graphical display.
  13. (en)Magnetically based drawing pad which senses the location of a puck The puck is used to manually enter points into a data set This method of data entry is the most typical, and though more accurate than on-screen digitizing, it is less accurate than the other methods of data entry.
  14. (en)Probably a string of beads worn round the neck In Isa 3:20 the Hebrew word means a perfume-box, as it is rendered in the Revised Version.
  15. (en)Small table.
  16. (en)Stone or metal plate or bounded surface to carry words, letters, emblems, or carvings 2 A coping stone set flat.
  17. (en)Small table or flat surface.
  18. (en)Flat piece of any material on which to write, paint, draw, or engrave; also, such a piece containing an inscription or a picture.
  19. (en)Hence, a small picture; a miniature.
  20. (en)Kind of pocket memorandum book.
  21. (en)Flattish cake or piece; as, tablets of arsenic were formerly worn as a preservative against the plague.
  22. (en)Logical concept that represents the digitizer device in the Tablet PC platform APIs Holds the permanent properties that describe a digitizer attached to the system, such as hardware capabilities and property metrics.
  23. (en)Small digitizer used for interactive work on a graphics workstation Tape drive A device for reading and writing computer files on magnetic tape.
  24. (en)Small digitizer used for interactive work on a graphics workstation.
  25. (en)An input device that uses a stylus or specialized mouse to write or draw on the tablet surface to communicate with the computer.
  26. (en)Device serving the same purpose as a staff but being in the shape of a flat disc.
  27. (en)Tablet.
  28. (fr)Tablette
  29. Tablet, kitabe, yazıt, levha, kalıp, plaka, hap
  30. Yazı kâğıdı destesi, bloknot
  31. Tablet, levha, kitabe, yazıt
  32. Yassı hap, tablet, komprime, sıkıt
  33. Parça, kalıp.

tablet for vaginal solution

  1. Vajina çözelti tableti

tablet for vaginal suspension

  1. Vajina süspansiyon tableti

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