tab ne demek?

  1. Mizaç, huy, tabiat, karakter.
  2. Bası.
  3. Bk. basım
  4. Latife etmek, şaka yapmak. (Osmanlıca'da yazılışı: ta'b)
  5. Parıltı. Parlayıcı.
  6. "Parıldayan, parlayan, parlatan, aydınlatan" anlamlarına gelir ve birleşik kelimeler yapılır. Mesela: Alem-ta (Osmanlıca'da yazılışı: tab (-))
  7. Tabiat. Karakter.
  8. (en)Loose pendent part of a lady's garment; esp., one of a series of pendent squares forming an edge or border.
  9. (en)Short strip of material attached to or projecting from something in order to facilitate opening or identifying or handling it; 'pull the tab to open the can'; 'files with a red tab will be stored separately'; 'the collar has a tab with a button hole'.
  10. (en)Tab is the key you press to move the insertion point to the next indicated tab stop Word automatically sets tabs every half inch.
  11. (en)Masking leg that is mounted at right angles to the front of the stage See 'Portal.
  12. (en)Piece of metal, usually containing the date, used to revalidate a license plate It is usually bolted over a corner, covering the existing date A date strip is an elongated tab, often containing the place name along with the date.
  13. (en)Character used to align lines and columns on the screen or page.
  14. (en)Portion of strip shingles defined by cut outs or slots so when installed, material appears to be individually applied.
  15. (en)Section of a window which acts like the tabs on file folders Clicking on a tab label brings that portion of the dialog to the front so you can see it.
  16. (en)Designation in a program document or Web page similar to the ridge-like projection that divides and identifies sections in a notebook or planner Like the physical tab in a notebook, the onscreen tab in a program application or Web page usually isolates a body of information Clicking on such a tab with the mouse brings the material to the foreground.
  17. (en)1) To arrange text in columns with the cursor running from one column to the next 2) In Windows, a method of moving from one button or field to another without using the mouse, but by pressing the tab key to move the focus.
  18. (en)Small flag attached to the front edge of a sheet of the text block used for locating and lifting a section.
  19. (en)Tag on a skid of printed sheets as a marker for a given number of sheets Skids are tabbed when the binding is of more than one kind and not all sheets are to be folded In composition, the point marking the beginning of a column in tabular material to top.
  20. (en)The bill in a restaurant; 'he asked the waiter for the check'.
  21. (en)Sensationalist journalism.
  22. (en)The key on an electric typewriter that causes a tabulation.
  23. (en)Dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet.
  24. (en)The flap or latchet of a shoe fastened with a string or a buckle.
  25. (en)See Tag,.
  26. (en)Loop for pulling or lifting something.
  27. (en)Border of lace or other material, worn on the inner front edge of ladies' bonnets.
  28. (en)The character generated by hitting the TAB key on the keyboard It usually expands to up to eight spaces upon output.
  29. (en)Section of a window which acts like the tabs on file folders Clicking on a tab label bring that portion of the dialog to the front so you can see it.
  30. (en)Weather exposure surface of a shingle between the cutouts French Tabbing Method of applying high strength adhesives to shingles for wind resistance French Trimmers A beam that receives the end of a header French Truss A combination of members such as beams, bars and ties, usually arranged in triangular units, to form a rigid framework for supporting loads over relatively long spans as in wide span roof construction French Tuck pointing Mason term used for describing the act of placing mortar into a joint with the use of a pointed trowel Usually done during a repair of an item like a chimney French.
  31. (en)The exposed portion of strip shingles defined by cutouts.
  32. (en)Tape Automated Bonding refers to the method used to package the chip, hence the vernacular for the chip assembly.
  33. (en)Short for tabloid Refers to any newspaper or section folded to that size.
  34. (en)This is when a woman chooses to terminate the pregnancy Teratogen - A teratogen is any environmental agent, be it a drug, chemical, infection or pollutant which harms a developing embryo or fetus.
  35. (en)Tape Automatic Bonding The process where silicon chips are joined to patterned metal traces on polymer tape to form inner leads bonds and subsequently the leads are attached to the next level of the assembly, typically a substrate or board, to form outer lead bonds TAB is the technique of interconnecting silicon with beam bonding as opposed to wire bonding.
  36. (en)The portion of an asphalt shingle that is outlined by the cutouts.
  37. (en)Litho item of one piece metal, similar to an upside-down 'T', worn with the top folded down to reveal the name or names of your candidate.
  38. (en)Constant associated with the key code value for the Tab key.
  39. (en)Tab is a control character In standard use, it causes the text to begin at a predetermined tab stop.
  40. (en)Key on the keyboard By pressing tab key, a character to be typed, skips some spaces and starts from a fixed position.
  41. (en)Exposed portion of an asphalt shingle between the cutouts.
  42. Etiket, çıkıntı, uç, şerit, spolet, flapa
  43. Brit, askı, elbisede bağlanacak uç
  44. Klapa
  45. Kayış, şerit, kaytan
  46. Kundura bağı ucundaki madeni parça
  47. Etiket, yafta
  48. Ufak çıkıntı
  49. Hav


  1. Bası işi, tab, tipografi.
  2. Bası sanatı, tabaat.
  3. Birbasım aygıtında, boş filmi dolu filmin karşısına koyarak eşlemini çıkarma.
  4. Kâğıt, kumaş vb. üzerine birtakım kalıplardan yararlanarak elle, özel aygıt ya da makine ile yazı, resim, bezeme vb. basma işi.
  5. Aynı kalıplarla aynı biçimde yapılan basım sonucu ortaya çıkan ürünler.
  6. Güç, kuvvet.
  7. Enerji, güç.
  8. Matbaacılık, tab netme sanatı.
  9. (en)Literal.
  10. (en)Issue.

tab cetveli

  1. (en)Tab ruler.

tab character

  1. Sekme damgası

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