run ne demek?

  1. Koşmak
  2. Çalıştırmak
  3. Yarışmak, yarışa katılmak
  4. Işletmek
  5. Yarışa katılmak
  6. (arabayla) taşımak, nakletmek, götürmek
  7. Kaçmak, firar etmek
  8. Gidip gelmek (arasında)
  9. Talep, rağbet

    There's a run on foreign novels. / Yabancı romanlar çok rağbette.

  10. III-XIII. yüzyıllarda İngiliz İskandinav dillerinde kullanılan alfabenin harflerinin her biri.
  11. Göktürk yazıtlarında kullanılan yazı türünün harflerinden her biri.
  12. (en)To go swiftly; to pass at a swift pace; to hasten.
  13. (en)To flee, as from fear or danger.
  14. (en)To steal off; to depart secretly.
  15. (en)To contend in a race; hence, to enter into a contest; to become a candidate; as, to run for Congress.
  16. (en)To pass from one state or condition to another; to come into a certain condition; often with in or into; as, to run into evil practices; to run in debt.
  17. (en)To exert continuous activity; to proceed; as, to run through life; to run in a circle.
  18. (en)To pass or go quickly in thought or conversation; as, to run from one subject to another.
  19. (en)To discuss; to continue to think or speak about something; with on.
  20. (en)To make numerous drafts or demands for payment, as upon a bank; with on.
  21. (en)To flow, as a liquid; to ascend or descend; to course; as, rivers run to the sea; sap runs up in the spring; her blood ran cold.
  22. (en)To proceed along a surface; to extend; to spread.
  23. (en)To become fluid; to melt; to fuse.
  24. (en)To turn, as a wheel; to revolve on an axis or pivot; as, a wheel runs swiftly round.
  25. (en)To cause to run ; as, to run a horse; to run a stage; to run a machine; to run a rope through a block.
  26. (en)To pursue in thought; to carry in contemplation.
  27. (en)To cause to enter; to thrust; as, to run a sword into or through the body; to run a nail into the foot.
  28. (en)To drive or force; to cause, or permit, to be driven.
  29. (en)To fuse; to shape; to mold; to cast; as, to run bullets, and the like.
  30. (en)To cause to be drawn; to mark out; to indicate; to determine; as, to run a line.
  31. (en)To cause to pass, or evade, offical restrictions; to smuggle; said of contraband or dutiable goods.
  32. (en)To go through or accomplish by running; as, to run a race; to run a certain career.
  33. (en)To cause to stand as a candidate for office; to support for office; as, to run some one for Congress.
  34. (en)To encounter or incur, as a danger or risk; as, to run the risk of losing one's life.
  35. (en)See To run the chances, below.
  36. (en)To put at hazard; to venture; to risk.
  37. (en)To discharge; to emit; to give forth copiously; to be bathed with; as, the pipe or faucet runs hot water.
  38. (en)To be charged with, or to contain much of, while flowing; as, the rivers ran blood.
  39. (en)To conduct; to manage; to carry on; as, to run a factory or a hotel.
  40. (en)To tease with sarcasms and ridicule.
  41. (en)To sew, as a seam, by passing the needle through material in a continuous line, generally taking a series of stitches on the needle at the same time.
  42. (en)The act of running; as, a long run; a good run; a quick run; to go on the run.
  43. (en)Small stream; a brook; a creek.
  44. (en)That which runs or flows in the course of a certain operation, or during a certain time; as, a run of must in wine making; the first run of sap in a maple orchard.
  45. (en)Course; a series; that which continues in a certain course or series; as, a run of good or bad luck.
  46. (en)State of being current; currency; popularity.
  47. (en)Continued repetition on the stage; said of a play; as, to have a run of a hundred successive nights.
  48. (en)Continuing urgent demand; especially, a pressure on a bank or treasury for payment of its notes.
  49. (en)Range or extent of ground for feeding stock; as, a sheep run.
  50. (en)The aftermost part of a vessel's hull where it narrows toward the stern, under the quarter.
  51. (en)The distance sailed by a ship; as, a good run; a run of fifty miles.
  52. (en)Voyage; as, a run to China.
  53. (en)Pleasure excursion; a trip.
  54. (en)The horizontal distance to which a drift may be carried, either by license of the proprietor of a mine or by the nature of the formation; also, the direction which a vein of ore or other substance takes.
  55. (en)Roulade, or series of running tones.
  56. (en)The greatest degree of swiftness in marching.
  57. (en)It is executed upon the same principles as the double-quick, but with greater speed.
  58. (en)The act of migrating, or ascending a river to spawn; said of fish; also, an assemblage or school of fishes which migrate, or ascend a river for the purpose of spawning.
  59. (en)In baseball, a complete circuit of the bases made by a player, which enables him to score one; in cricket, a passing from one wicket to the other, by which one point is scored; as, a player made three runs; the side went out with two hundred runs.
  60. (en)Pair or set of millstones.
  61. (en)Melted, or made from molten material; cast in a mold; as, run butter; run iron or lead.
  62. (en)Smuggled; as, run goods.
  63. (en)Number of cards of the same suit in sequence; as, a run of four in hearts.
  64. (en)The movement communicated to a golf ball by running.
  65. (en)The distance a ball travels after touching the ground from a stroke.
  66. (en)In stairs, the net width of a step or the horizontal distance covered by a flight of stairs.
  67. (en)The horizontal distance from the eaves to a point directly under the ridge One half the span.
  68. (en)To execute a program or script.
  69. (en)Running a program is how it is made to do something The term 'execute' means the same thing.
  70. (en)The distance of water main and appurtenances to be installed from the point of adequacy to the point in question.
  71. (en)The rapid advance of the head of a fire with a marked change in fire line intensity and rate of spread from that noted before and after the advance.
  72. (en)To let it work ; cf execute.
  73. (en)Sequence of CLEO III detector events One run typically contains the events collected over a period of 45 - 60 minutes.
  74. (en)To move a checker, particularly the player's last checker, from the opponent's home board.
  75. (en)Sequence of glyphs that are contiguous in memory and share a set of common attributes.
  76. (en)Run occurs when one team outscores the other by a large margin in a certain period, such as a 12-2 run in the first four minutes of the third qusrter.
  77. (en)The sum of stocks of a single salmonid species that migrates to a particular region, river or stream of origin at a particular season.
  78. (en)Group of license plates of the same type, usually covering a number sequential years It may also refer to a group of license plates, one from each province i e Ontario run or motorcycle run.
  79. (en)The distance that the ball continues to travel after it's initial impact with the ground.
  80. (en)Refers to either the depth of a single stair step or to the horizontal distance covered by the entire flight of stairs.
  81. (en)Refers to the season when the adults will migrate upstream SP Spring SU Summer FA Fall WI Winter UN Unknown.
  82. (en)To strike in such a way as to cause it to run along the ground, as when approaching a hole.
  83. (en)In a series of observations of attributes the occurrence of an uninterrupted series of the same attribute is called a run A run can be a length of.
  84. (en)Segment of the channel with depths and velocities intermediate between the rough, shallow water of riffles and the slow, deep water of pools; runs usually have a rectangular or trapezoidal cross section and lack a focused current.
  85. (en)Individual tread run' is the horizontal distance from the back of the tread to the front of the tread, disregarding the overlap or nosing of the tread 'Entire stairway run' is the horizontal distance from the loft edge to the front of the first tread.
  86. (en)The horizontal distance of a rise to run ratio, used to describe the slope of stairs or a roof.
  87. (en)1) A sequence of performances of the same show 2) Horizontal width of a step 3) See Run Through.
  88. (en)Set of numbers and/or letters given to a particular batch of wallpaper rolls printed at the same time Each time a new ink or different batch is printed, the dye-lot number will change BACK TO TOP.
  89. Gidivermek
  90. Işlemek, çalışmak
  91. Çalıştırmak
  92. Sürmek, kullanmak
  93. Yarışmak
  94. Yarıştırmak
  95. Adaylığını koymak
  96. Geçmek
  97. Uzanmak, gitmek
  98. Akmak, dökülmek
  99. Dökmek, akıtmak
  100. Yayılmak
  101. Kaçmak (çorap)
  102. Irin akıtmak
  103. Vurmak (renk)
  104. Etkin olmak, görülegelmek
  105. Anlatılmak
  106. Göç etmek (balık)
  107. Meyletmek, yönelmek
  108. Devam etmek
  109. Oynanmak (piyes)
  110. Geçirmek
  111. (kaçak mal) kaçırmak
  112. Idare etmek, yönetmek
  113. Seri halinde yayımlamak
  114. Hep bir arada bankadan para istemek
  115. (oyunda) sayı yapmak
  116. Koşu
  117. Koşma, seğirtme
  118. Koşulan veya gidilen mesafe
  119. Kısa gezi
  120. Tutulan yol
  121. Serbest giriş veya kullanım hakkı
  122. Seri, tekrar
  123. Oynama süresi, gösterim süresi
  124. Gidişat, eğilim
  125. Işleme süresi
  126. Parti, bir seferlik verim
  127. Uzantı
  128. Kaçık (çorap)
  129. Akış
  130. Çay, dere
  131. Sürü halinde göç
  132. (bir hayvanın) yaşadığı yer
  133. Kümes bahçesi
  134. Kayma yokuşu
  135. Bankadan toplu talep
  136. Hücum
  137. (müzik) nağmeleme, ses geçidi
  138. (beysbol) tur, sayı
  139. Maden damarı
  140. Hedefe yaklaşma
  141. Çabuk gitmek, çabuk yürümek


  1. Adım atışlarını artırarak ileri doğru hızla gitmek
  2. Bir yere ivedilikle gitmek
  3. Bir işle çok ilgilenmek, koşuşturmak
  4. Koşuya çıkmak.
  5. Kovalamak, üstüne düşmek, izlemek.
  6. Birlikte iş görmesi için bir şeyi başka birinin yanına katmak, arkadaş olarak vermek.
  7. Hayvanı çekeceği arabaya, sabana bağlamak.
  8. Şart ileri sürmek
  9. Birini, bir işte görevlendirmek.
  10. (en)Team.

run a blockade

  1. Bir ablukadan kaçınmak
  2. Bir engel ve maniadan kurtulmak ve sıyrılmak
  3. Bir kuşatmadan kaçmak

run a boundary

  1. Sınırı geçmek.

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run a blockaderun a boundaryrun a gamerun a riskrun a temperaturerun aboutrun acrossrun afterrun againstrun agroundruru be ruruafruamruam hastalığı
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