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  3. (en)Poplin.
  4. (en)Fabric made using a rib variation of the plain weave The construction is characterized by having a slight ridge effect in one direction, usually the filling Poplin used to be associated with casual clothing, but as the 'world of work' has become more relaxed, this fabric has developed into a staple of men's wardrobes, being used frequently in casual trousers.
  5. (en)Fabric made using a rib variation of the plain weave The construction is characterized by having a slight ridge effect in one direction, usually the filling.
  6. (en)Tightly woven, durable cotton made with a plain weave.
  7. (en)Silk, rayon, wool, or cotton fabric with a fine horizontal rib effect on the surface because of a warp yarn finer than the filling yarn; usually a high-thread-count cloth Poplin is used for high-quality shirting and upholstery.
  8. (en)Tightly woven, durable, medium weight cotton or cotton blend fabric made using a rib variation of the plain weave that creates a slight ridge effect.
  9. (en)Finely corded fabric of rayon, cotton, silk, or wool for dresses and draperies.
  10. (en)Medium to heavyweight unbalanced plain weave It is a spun yarn fabric that is usually piece dyed Usually poplin is constructed with fine yarn, densely woven, resulting in a crisp, dressy appearance.
  11. (en)Heavier cotton weave, with slight rib running from selvedge to selvedge.
  12. (en)Fabric used for dye-sublimation Fire retardant is available Outdoor use is not recommended Finishing rating-Excellent Fabric does have a slight 'stretch' Liner recommended when double- sided Cleaning-Dry clean or wash Multiple cleanings will cause fading Do not exceed heat 225F Interior durability: UV exposure will cause fading Wrinkle resistant Folding will cause creasing Can be steamed or ironed from backside.
  13. (en)Fabric of many varieties, usually made of silk and worsted, used especially for women's dresses.
  14. (en)Ribbed fabric used in clothing and upholstery.
  15. (en)Mode of poplin.
  16. (en)It is a staple dress-goods material The cloth resembles bombazine and silk warp and woolen filling are used Cotton poplin has a more pronounced rib filling effect than broad-cloth The filling is bulkier than the warp, and there are more ends than picks per inch in the material This formidable fabric is used for blouses, boys' suits, gowns, draperies, robes and shirting; much uniform fabric is made from the cloth, as well.
  17. (en)Cotton, wool, and other textile fibres Crosswise rib The filling is cylindrical Two or three times as many warp as weft per inch Has a more pronounced filling effect than broadcloth It is mercerized and has quite a high lustre It may be bleached, or dyed or printed Heavy poplin is given a water-repellent finish for outdoor use Originally made with silk warp and a heavier wool filling Some also mildew-proof, fire-retardant, and some given a suede finish American cotton broadcloth shirting is known as poplin in Great Britain.
  18. (en)Plain-weave fabric characterized by a rib effect in the filling direction.
  19. (en)Plain-weave cotton-type fabric with weftways ribs and a high warp sett.
  20. Poplin
  21. Poplin.


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  2. (en)Popliteal
  3. (en)Of the part of the leg behind the knee (Anatomy).

popliteal fossa

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