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  1. null modem

modem eliminator null modem

  1. Kukla modem


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  3. (en)MOdulator/DEModulator A device that converts between digital signals from the computer and analog signals for communication over a telephone line.
  4. (en)Modulator/demodulator, a device that can convert digital signals from a computer into analog sound signals for transmission over a telephone line, and vice versa.
  5. (en)Communications device that enables a computer to transmit information over a standard telephone line, and the most common way for people to connect to the Internet There are two modems involved in making a connection: one that connects the user's computer to the phone jack and, at the other end of the line, the modem that communicates with a networked computer.
  6. (en)Device that converts digital data from a computer to an analog signal It also converts telephone analog signals to digital data for use by the computer.
  7. (en)Modem allows two computers to communicate over ordinary phone lines It derives its name from modulate / demodulate, the process by which it converts digital computer data back and forth for use with an analog phone line.
  8. (en)Devices that convert digital and analog signals Modems allow computer data to be transmitted over voice-grade telephone lines.
  9. (en)Device allowing computers to communicate over telephone lines Acronym for MODulate-DEModulate, meaning that analog information is modulated to digital information and vice versa The current generation of modems is Hays-compatible, operates at 56KB/sec, and supports the V 90 standard.
  10. (en)Shortened form of 'modulator- demodulator ' A device that allows computers to communicate with each other via telephone lines, cellular signals or television cables To send information from one computer to another, a modem converts digital signals from a computer into analog signals that can be sent over telephone lines On the receiving end, the modem converts the analog signals back into digital ones that can be understood by the computer.


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