lava ne demek?

  1. Herhangi bir yere yanaşmış filikanın kürek çekmeksizin ilerlemesi için verilen buyruk.
  2. (en)The melted rock ejected by a volcano from its top or fissured sides.
  3. (en)It flows out in streams sometimes miles in length.
  4. (en)Rock that in its molten form issues from volcanos; lava is what magma is called when it reaches the surface.
  5. (en)General term for molten rock that is extruded onto the surface.
  6. (en)Magma which has reached the surface through a volcanic eruption The term is most commonly applied to streams of liquid rock that flow from a crater or fissure It also refers to cooled and solidified rock.
  7. (en)Molten rock extruded onto the Earth's surface, or the resultant solid rock.
  8. (en)Molten rock that is capable of flowing on the surface or in lava tubes See 'pahoehoe' and 'aa' for specific types.
  9. (en)Molten rock issuing from a volcano or volcanic vent.
  10. (en)Magma that comes to the Earth's surface through a volcano or fissure.
  11. (en)Molten rock that is capable of flowing on the surface or in lava tubes Also volcanic rock solidified from magma See 'pahoehoe' and 'aa' for specific types Lava Cave term Ref KG.
  12. (en)Lava is the name given to magma when it reaches the earth's surface It is ejected from volcanoes during eruptions or oozes from cracks in the earth's surface and ev eventually solidifies to become volcanic rock.
  13. (en)Molten rock erupted from a volcano Lava can occur in flows, domes, fragments and as pillows formed underwater.
  14. (en)Molten rock erupted onto the surface of the Earth Lavas vary according to the chemistry of the molten rock In general the more silica they contain, the more viscous they are Basalt, a silica-poor lava tends to flow easily and therefore form thin, extensive lava flows, while rhyolite lava is so viscous it rarely flows and forms 'domes' above the site of the eruption.
  15. (en)Molten magma released from a volcanic vent or fissure.
  16. (en)It also issues from fissures in the earth's surface, and forms beds covering many square miles, as in the Northwestern United States.
  17. (en)Molten rock solidified on the Earth's surface.
  18. (en)Fluid, molten rock that issues forth onto the Earth's surface as from a volcano or volcanic vent.
  19. (en)Molten rock that erupts to Earth's surface through a volcano or a fissure.
  20. (en)Volcanic rock extruded by the eruption of molten material An extensive segment of the lunar surface, specifically in the mare regions, is comprised primarily of basalt resulting from lava flows.
  21. (en)Rock from a volcano, generally molten when ejected.
  22. (en)Molten magma extruded from volcanic vent.
  23. (en)Magma which has erupted onto the Earth's surface.
  24. (en)Molten material that is erupted from a volcano LAVA FLOW - lava that moves like a viscous liquid LANDSLIDE - unstable earth that flows downward LARGE EARTHQUAKE - an earthquake that causes damage, usually over a 7 0 on the Richter Scale LIQUEFACTION - to become liquid (usually refers to soil that 'settles' during an earthquake LIQUID - a substance that flows.
  25. (en)Volcanic rock protruded by the eruption of molten material LVR - Acronym for Lunar Roving Vehicle or Rover.
  26. (en)Liquid, molten rock.
  27. Lav, püskürtü.
  28. Lav

lava etmek

  1. Bir filikayı ilerletmek.
  2. (en)Einholen.

lava flow

  1. Lav akintisi

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