boma ne demek?

  1. Zaire'de Kongo Nehri üresinde bir şŸehir


  1. Bir çeşit kumar
  2. (en)Beam Orbit Measurement This equipment is at present the main user of the BST.
  3. (en)Bureau of Meteorology.
  4. (en)Bill of Material, a reference to the list of components on a board The total BOM cost of a board is a critical factor in designing a board.
  5. (en)[pronounced 'bomb']Bill of Materials A list of components to be included on an assembly such as a printed circuit board For a PCB the BOM must include reference designators for the components used and descriptions which uniquely identify each component A BOM is used for ordering parts and, along with an assembly drawing, directing which parts go where when the board is stuffed.
  6. (en)Beginning of Medium: The first location on the medium which can be accessed.
  7. (en)Bills of Material.
  8. (en)Beginning of message SIO.
  9. (en)Booking Office Machine - Located at Premium stations All types of transactions are able to be carried out on a BOM Identified on tickets as '065' fixed installation or '066' portable machine.
  10. (en)Abbreviation for 'Bill of Materials'.

bom atmak

  1. Yalan söylemek, uydurmak.
  2. (en)To lie.

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bombom atmakbom direğibombbomb attack
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