ar ne demek?

  1. Argon elementinin simgesi.
  2. Tarım alanları için 100 m² değerinde yüzey ölçü birimi.
  3. Utanma, utanç duyma

    Kınamazlar güzel sevse yiğidi / Güzel sevmek koç yiğide ar değil.

  4. Alerjik rinit
  5. (en)Shame.
  6. (en)Bashfulness.
  7. (en)Shyness.
  8. (en)Modesty.
  9. (en)Are (100 square meters.
  10. (en)Skyness.
  11. (en)Stigma.
  12. (en)The rate data is transferred by the user access channel The speed of the access channel determines how rapidly the end user can inject data into a frame relay network.
  13. (en)The standard Mallinckrodt grade of analytical reagents; suitable for laboratory and general use If the reagent also meets the requirements of the American Chemical Society Committee on Analytical Reagents, it will be denoted as an AR reagent.
  14. (en)Accounts Receivable.
  15. (en)Analytical standard of reagent purity.
  16. (en)Application Relay An NRS term which, for mail, refers to the name of another entity which the mail should be sent to.
  17. (en)Antireflective coating.
  18. (en)Ere; before.
  19. (en)Army regulation.
  20. (en)Arabic.
  21. (en)Autoregressive AR models include past observations of the dependent variable in the forecast of future observations.
  22. (en)Relay Mode, Communications Mode of the Space Suit Communicator.
  23. (en)Secondary path for signal transmission if the primary path is unavailable.
  24. (en)Army Reserve.
  25. (en)Armor Rating To achieve a hit, you must roll over the character's AR Rolls Equal to or less than the AR, down to a 10, are considered a hit to the opponents armor, and damage is figured to the SDC All Player Characters have a natural AR of 12 Others have varying AR's.
  26. (en)Administrative Record, a required,comprehensive file of documents that forms the basis of decisions made regarding cleanup.
  27. (en)Arabic Hebr Hebrew.
  29. "argon (argon)"; havada ve volkanik gazlarda bulunan gaz benzeri kimyasal


  1. Atom numarası 18, atom ağırlığı 39,9 olan, havada % 1 oranında bulunan, rengi, kokusu ve tadı olmayan bir element (simgesi Ar).
  2. Yun. Kim: A sembolü ile gösterilen renksiz, kokusuz ve tatsız bir gaz. Havada % 1 nisbetinde bulunur.
  3. A. A. 39.95, A. S. 18 olan asal gaz elementi.
  4. (en)Symbol, A; at.
  5. (en)Colorless, odorless element Uses include shield in arc welding, furnace brazing, electric and specialized light bulbs and for use in geiger-counting tubes, and lasers Hazard: May cause dizziness and drowsiness and rapid suffocation In liquid form, is extremely cold and may cause frostbite.
  6. (en)Nontoxic gas that is heavier than air, therefore it reduces the transfer of heat and cold It also reduces noise.
  7. (en)An inert gas used in incandescent and fluorescent lamps Inincandescent lamps it helps to retard evaporation of tungsten filament.
  8. (en)Dense gas generally used to insulate drysuit diving Not for breathing purposes.
  9. (en)Gas which, when mixed with mercury, is used in fluorescent lamps and neon tubes In neon tubes, the combination of gases creates a blue color In a neon tube by itself, argon is a pale lavender.
  10. (en)Argon.

ar belası

  1. Namus ve onuru için başkası söz eder korkusu. Onurunu korumak için katlanılan sıkıntı.

ar damarı

  1. Utanma duygusu

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