anemography ne demek?

  1. Meteor


  1. Atmosfer içinde oluşan sıcaklık değişmeleri, rüzgâr, yıldırım, yağmur, dolu vb. olaylara verilen genel ad.
  2. Akan yıldız.
  3. Gezegenler arasında dolaşan taş parçalarından her biri. (Yer'e düşenlere göktaşı denir.)
  4. (en)Specif.: A transient luminous body or appearance seen in the atmosphere, or in a more elevated region.
  5. (en)Streak of light in the sky at night that results when a meteoroid hits the earth's atmosphere and air friction causes the meteoroid to melt or vaporize or explode.
  6. (en)Front.
  7. (en)Any of the small solid extraterrestrial bodies that hits the earth's atmosphere.
  8. (en)The luminous phenomenon seen when a meteoroid enters the atmosphere, commonly known as a shooting star.
  9. (en)Meteoroid from space zips through the atmosphere at many thousands of miles per hour There are two schools of thought as to why the meteoroid heats up so much The classical view is that it is caused by collisions with molecules in the atmosphere, commonly considered the same as friction The other version deals with compression of the air in front of the moving particle The atmosphere in front of the meteoroid is pushed pushed violently out of the way, which compresses it The high compression heats the air which in turn heats the meteoroid, and both the air and the particles of meteoroid are ionized and begin to glow In any event, a rapidly traveling meteoroid carries momentum , and upon entering our atmosphere is slowed very quickly In the process of rapid deceleration, the energy of motion has to go somewhere, and it if cannot be drained off immediately, it turns to heat.
  10. (en)The incandescent streak of light seen when a meteorite passes through the atmosphere of a planet Often referred to as a falling star.


  1. Rüzgarölçer
  2. Anemograf


  1. Bk. yelyazar
  2. Yazıcı anemometre.
  3. (en)Anemograph, device used to measure wind velocity and pressure (Meteorology).

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