al ne demek?

  1. Kanın rengi, kızıl, kırmızı.
  2. Bu renkte olan.
  3. Dorunun açığı, kızıla çalan at donu.
  4. Bu renkte olan (at).
  5. Yüze sürülen pembe düzgün, allık.
  6. Aldatma, düzen, tuzak, hile
  7. Alüminyum elementinin simgesi.
  8. Pembeye kaçan, nar çiçeği renginde olan

    Billûr kadehlerdeki buzlu muattar al mâyi ile boğazlarımızı serinlettik.

    A. Haşim
  9. Alev kırmızısı
  10. (en)Ruddy.
  11. (en)Scarlet.
  12. (en)To; at; on; in OF.
  13. (en)Shortened to a-.
  14. (en)Vermilion.
  15. (en)Rouge.
  16. (en)Silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite.
  17. (en)State in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.
  18. (en)All', alla, alle - To; used with other words, e g al Fine.
  19. (en)Is an acronym for the ICQ feature call Active List to create/join a group of individuals with the same interests.
  20. (en)All', alla, alle: To; used with other words, e g al Fine.
  21. (en)The Assistant Leader: This is a team role that is unique to the Therapeutic Spiral Model It was created to help manage the integration of group members into a TSM drama when they are triggered The AL directs all subscenes that are outside of the circle of safe experiencing.
  22. (en)An East Indian tree HO - expresses surprise OX - a clumsy person.
  23. (en)All; wholly; completely; as, almighty, almost.
  24. (en)This award is given to those achieving the Competent Leader award, served a complete term as a District Officer, completed the High Performance Leadership Program, and served successfully as a Club Sponsor, Mentor, or Specialist.
  25. (en)ANSI-labeled tape without user-label processing.
  26. (en)See Ad-.
  27. (en)Axial length ATR against-the-rule astigmatism.
  28. (en)The Arabic definite article answering to the English the; as, Alkoran, the Koran or the Book; alchemy, the chemistry.
  29. (en)Abbr Access Line.
  30. (en)Although; if.
  31. (en)Aluminum.
  32. (en)Aluminum; a metal that is toxic to trees and fish.
  33. (en)Action Level The concentration of a contaminant which, if found to be exceeded, will trigger further treatment or other procedures that the water system must follow to lower the level.
  34. (en)Annual Leave The Federal government has made provisions for authorized absence from work, usually through earned leave, for most of its employees Annual leave is earned on the basis of years of Federal service Full-time employees with 15 years or more of service earn 26 days of annual leave a year; those with three but less than 15 years earn 20 days; and those with less than three years earn 13 days.
  35. (en)Exchangeable aluminum, i e aluminum that may be taken up by roots Aluminum in the soil solution is very toxic to plants The lower the pH, the more plant available aluminum is.
  36. (en)Protocol that translates data into a format that can be interpreted by the ATM Cell.
  37. (en)Autograph Letter, in the handwriting of the author but not signed.
  38. (en)Action Level The concentration of a contaminant which, if exceeded, triggers treatment or other requirement, which a water system must follow.
  39. (en)Alabama.
  40. (en)Aft/Left.
  41. (en)One of two aliens that appeared in SailormoonR He disguised herself as Ginga Seijuurou and attended Juban Junior High School He had a crush on Tsukino Usagi.
  42. (fr)Vermillon

al ahram

  1. El Ahmar; Mısır’ın yarı resmî gazetesi

al al olmak

  1. (yüz, yanak) kıpkırmızı olmak.

Türetilmiş Kelimeler (bis)

al ahramal al olmakal al yapmakal aslan tutar, güç sıçan tutmazal aşağı vur yukarıal basmakal bayrakal benden de o kadaral birini, vur ötekineal caponeaa 1a alfa lipoproteinemia b basımıa b c basımı
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