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  1. Ibis


  1. Leyleksilerden, Afrika ve Batı Asya'nın sulak yerlerinde yaşayan bir kuş, Mısır turnası (İbis aethiopica).
  2. Leyleksiler (Ciconiiformes) takımının, kelaynakgiller (Threskiomithidae) familyasından, 75 cm kadar uzunlukta, Afrika ve Asya'nın sulak yerlerinde yaşayan bir tür.
  3. (en)Set of electronic indexes in a variety of subject areas, available at library terminals, from campus networked terminals, and from home computers using a modem.
  4. (en)Or Nile-bird The Egyptians call the sacred Ibis Father John It is the avatar' of the god Thoth, who in the guise of an Ibis escaped the pursuit of Typhon The Egyptians say its white plumage symbolises the light of the sun, and its black neck the shadow of the moon, its body a heart, and its legs a triangle It was said to drink only the purest of water, and its feathers to scare or even kill the crocodile It is also said that the bird is so fond of Egypt that it would pine to death if transported elsewhere It appears at the rise of the Nile, but disappears at its inundation If, indeed, it devours crocodiles' eggs, scares away the crocodiles themselves, devours serpents and all sorts of noxious reptiles and insects, no wonder it should be held in veneration, and that it is made a crime to kill it Ibis The Nile-bird, says Solius, 'rummages in the mud of the Nile for serpents' eggs, her most favourite food.
  5. (en)Image Based Information System.
  6. (en)Wading birds of warm regions having long slender down-curved bills.
  7. (en)Inter-Bank Information System A screen based German domestic electronic dealing systemused in the German Federal Republic for trading bunds Initial Margin The funds required when a futures position is opened Initial Performance Bond The funds required when a futures position is opened Interest Rate Swap A swap where one party, , agrees to pay to the other party, , cash flows equal to interest at a predetermined fixed rate on a notional principal for a number of years At the same time, party agrees to pay party cash flows equal to interest at a floating rate on the same notional principal for the same period of time The currencies of the two sets of interest cash flows are the same IPE International Petroleum Exchange Issue Price The percentage of principle value at which the price of a new issue of securities is fixed Back to Top.
  8. (fr)Tantale d'Afrique
  9. Balıkçıl familyasından bir kuş.
  10. Çeltik kargası, parlak ibis.


  1. (en)Imagewriter

ımaging yardımı

  1. (en)Imaging help


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