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secret plan nedir, secret plan ne demek?

secret plan   US UK

  1. Gizli plan

secret   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Gizli, saklı, hafi, mektum
  2. Esrarlı
  3. Mahrem
  4. Sır, gizli şey
  5. Anlaşılmaz şey, muamma
  6. Bilinmeyen, sır, giz, gizem, gizli şey

plan   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Bir işin, bir eserin gerçekleştirilmesi için uyulması tasarlanan düzen
    Örnek: Turist akınını karşılamak için şimdiden bir plan yapmışlar. H. Taner
  2. Bir şehrin, bir yapının, bir makinenin çeşitli bölümlerini gösteren çizim
    Örnek: O tarihte aramızda kasaba planını yapmaya gelmiş bir iki mühendis ve mimar bulunuyordu. R. N. Güntekin
  3. Çekim.
  4. Düşünce, niyet, maksat, tasavvur
    Örnek: Aşağıda kaynaşan kalabalığa bakarak planını zihninden geçirdi. Ö. Seyfettin
  5. Yeryüzünün küçük bir parçasını, bütün ayrıntılarıyla gösteren, ölçeği 1:lO.OOO'den büyük haritalar, bkz. harita, ölçek.
  6. Düzlem
  7. Bk. çekim
  8. (en) Draught or form; properly, a representation drawn on a plane, as a map or a chart; especially, a top view, as of a machine, or the representation or delineation of a horizontal section of anything, as of a building; a graphic representation; a diagram.
  9. (en) Scheme devised; a method of action or procedure expressed or described in language; a project; as, the plan of a constitution; the plan of an expedition.
  10. (en) Method; a way of procedure; a custom.
  11. (en) To form a delineation of; to draught; to represent, as by a diagram.
  12. (en) Prescribed, written sequence of actions to achieve a goal, usually ordered in phases or steps with a schedule and measureable targets; defines who is responsible for achievement, who will do the work, and links to other related plans and goals By law agencies must have strategic plans, business plans, and performance plans They may also have implementation plans, program plans, project plans, management plans, office plans, personnel plans, operational plans, etc.
  13. (en) Drawing, sketch, or diagram of any object or structure, especially, a very large-scale and considerably detailed map of a small area.
  14. (en) Program or pseudo-code fragment that solves a single, well defined goal Examples would be a code fragment to sum a series of numbers or code to input words from a file until the end-of-file character is encountered [Soloway82] [Rist86] A program as a whole is described in terms of global plans For example, most programs can be described in terms of the following high-level global plan: Input a set of data, process the data, then output the data.
  15. (en) An architectural drawing showing in two dimensions the arrangement of space in a building.
  16. (en) The drawing of the horizontal plane of a building, cut through the walls at about three feet above a floor and looking down Also called a floor plan.
  17. (en) Means of resource management, prepared under the Resource Management Act 1991, which sets out issues, objectives, methods and rules pertaining to the management of an area or a resource, as required or provided for by the act There are both regional and district plans, prepared by regional and territorial authorities A plan is usually defined as including a proposed plan, which has been publicly notified for submissions.
  18. (en) Develop strategies and plans for change, communications, training and performance measurement to maximise opportunities and minimise risks.
  19. (en) Set of steps, procedures or programs, worked out beforehand in order to accomplish an objective or goal.
  20. (en) The plan is the basis for all RECEPTOR activities, and must be created by the user before a RECEPTOR analysis can be done All things affecting the search are described in the plan: which molecules are used in the search; which atoms are used as pharmacophore points; and parameters that affect all of the molecules as a group as well as those applied only to specific molecules The plan exists as a subdirectory in the directory containing the starting MOL2 files.
  21. (en) Health care program offered by the State that partially pays or reimburses the employee or retiree for covered health care services or treatments.
  22. (en) Disciplined, systematic approach, formulated beforehand, that results in detailed strategies, tactics and implementation steps.
  23. (en) The skill of outlining appropriate strategies for solving complex problems that are new to you, starting with appropriate physical laws and principles.
  24. (en) Drawing representing any one of the floors or horizontal cross sections of a building, or the horizontal plane of any other object or area.
  25. (en) The specific actions or mechanisms mandated by the affirmative Traditionally, plans specify resolutional mandates as well as non-resolutional logistical requirements and legislative intent for purposes of clarification.
  26. (en) Concept , conception , idea , layout , plan , scheme.
  27. (en) Plan.
  28. (en) Scheme.
  29. (en) Design.
  30. (en) İntention.
  31. (en) Layout.
  32. (en) Program.
  33. (en) Programme.
  34. (en) Project.
  35. (en) Proposal.
  36. (en) Proposition.
  37. (en) Arrangement.
  38. (en) Blue print.
  39. (en) Chart.
  40. (en) Conspectus.
  41. (en) İdea.
  42. (en) Plot.
  43. (en) Set-Up.
  44. (en) Blueprint.
  45. (en) Device.
  46. (en) Dodge.
  47. (en) Drawing.
  48. (en) Game.
  49. (en) To scheme; to devise; to contrive; to form in design; as, to plan the conquest of a country.
  50. (en) Scale drawing of a structure; 'the plans for City Hall were on file' a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished; 'they drew up a six-step plan'; 'they discussed plans for a new bond issue' make plans for something; 'He is planning a trip with his family' have the will and intention to carry out some action; 'He plans to be in graduate school next year'; 'The rebels had planned turmoil and confusion' make or work out a plan for; devise; 'They contrived to murder their boss'; 'design a new sales strategy'; 'plan an attack'.
  51. (en) Schema.
  52. (en) Program (me.
  53. (en) Policy.
  54. (en) Canvas.
  55. (en) Schedule.
  56. (en) Cadre.
  57. (en) Designs.
  58. (en) Line.
  59. (en) Plat.
  60. (en) Recipe.
  61. (en) Series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished; 'they drew up a six-step plan'; 'they discussed plans for a new bond issue'.
  62. (en) An arrangement scheme; 'the awkward design of the keyboard made operation difficult'; 'it was an excellent design for living'; 'a plan for seating guests'.
  63. (en) Scale drawing of a structure; 'the plans for City Hall were on file'.
  64. (en) Have the will and intention to carry out some action; 'He plans to be in graduate school next year'; 'The rebels had planned turmoil and confusion'.
  65. (en) Make plans for something; 'He is planning a trip with his family'.
  66. (en) Make or work out a plan for; devise; 'They contrived to murder their boss'; 'design a new sales strategy'; 'plan an attack'.
  67. (en) Make a design of; plan out in systematic, often graphic form; 'design a better mousetrap'; 'plan the new wing of the museum'.
  68. (en) Plan is written ordered set of decisions, directions, policies, and a course of action to achieve a set of objectives Plans usually include graphics, maps, and descriptions of areas and projects as well as findings, assumptions, and recommendations of the planning process When adopted, 'plans' become guides for administration They are not end products They are subject to change as policies change due to unfolding events, such as changing standards of life style, environmental factors, costs, and advancing technology.
  69. (en) An orthographic projection onto a horizontal picture plane typically of the site, floor levels, and roofs of buildings See also 'section'.
  70. (en) Method of action as text, drawing, or map.
  71. (en) Means any bonus, profit-sharing, pension, retirement, thrift, savings, incentive, stock purchase, stock option, stock ownership, stock appreciation, dividend reinvestment, or similar plan; or any dividend or interest reinvestment plan or employee benefit plan as defined in Rule 405 under the Securities Act.
  72. (en) As used anywhere in the West Eugene Wetlands Plan, the terms 'the Plan', 'this Plan', 'West Eugene Wetlands Plan' or 'the WEWP' are all references to the current West Eugene Wetlands Plan as adopted or hereafter amended Rare Animal: See definition for 'rare species.
  73. (en) To bother about the best method of accomplishing an accidental result.
  74. (en) There may be several different plan types available To see what different plan types include click on the plan type link.
  75. (en) The ability to PLAN how to use that information, to meet your goal This continues the DESIGN and takes you all the way to implementation You should now have some feasible deadlines identified.
  76. (-ned,- ning) plan
  77. Kroki, taslak
  78. Tertip, niyet maksat, fikir
  79. Yol, usul, tarz
  80. Planını çizmek
  81. Plan kurmak, tasarlamak
  82. Tertiplemek düzenlemek
  83. Düşünmek, niyetlenmek, working plan ilk tasarı, ge- çici
  84. Planlamak, tasarlamak, plan yapmak, planını çizmek

çekim (nedir ne demek)

  1. Çekme işi.
  2. Fiillerin çeşitli zaman, kişi ve kiplere, isimlerin de isim hâllerine göre uğradıkları değişiklikler, tasrif.
  3. Herhangi bir cismin, başka bir cismi kendine doğru çekme gücü, cazibe.
  4. Alıcının sürekli olarak çalıştırılmasıyla elde edilen film parçası, plan.
  5. Eylem veya ad soylu sözcüğe kişi kavramı vermek için, eklerin getirilmesi (bk. adçekimi, eylemçekimi) .
  6. Nesnelerin ağınımsal, elektriksel ve mıknatıssal nitelikli kuvvetlerle birbirlerini çekmeleri.
  7. Alıcının sürekli olarak bir kez çalıştırılmasıyla elde edilen film parçası
  8. Çevirim oyunluğunda, alıcının sürekli olarak bir kez çalıştırılmasıyla elde edilecek olan, her biri ayrı bir sayıyla belirtilen bölüm
  9. Alıcının bir kez çalıştırılması sırasında alıcı açısı, alıcı görüş noktası, alıcı ile çevrilen görünçlük arasındaki uzaklık, mercek çeşidi, vb. etkenlere göre başka başka özellikler gösteren görüntülerin tümü. (Bu son durumda görüntüler gerek çerçeve içinde kapladıkları yer, gerek görüş açısı ve noktası, gerekse çevirim sırasında alıcının devinimiyle değişik özellikler kazanır ki, bunların her biri özel bir terimle belirtilir). TV
  10. Televizyon yayınında, sinemadakiçekimin özelliklerine karşılık olan durumlar.
  11. Bk. çevirim
  12. (en) Shot, take.
  13. (en) Affinity.
  14. (en) Appeal.
  15. (en) Lure.
  16. (en) Declination.
  17. (en) Graceful appearance.
  18. (en) Act of drawing.
  19. (en) Gravitational.
  20. (en) Flexional.
  21. (en) Attraction.
  22. (en) Pull.
  23. (en) Gravity.
  24. (en) Force of gravity.
  25. (en) Gravitation.
  26. (en) Shot.
  27. (en) Shooting.
  28. (en) Filming.
  29. (en) İnflection.
  30. (en) İnflexion.
  31. (en) Conjugation.
  32. (en) Declension.
  33. (en) Draw.
  34. (en) Shoot.
  35. (en) Take.
  36. (en) Draft.
  37. (al) Aufnahme, Einstellung, Szene, "Take"
  38. (al) Anziehung
  39. (fr) Plan
  40. (fr) Attraction

gizli (nedir ne demek)

  1. Görünmez, belli olmaz bir durumda olan, edimsel karşıtı.
  2. Başkalarından saklanan, duyurulmayan, saklı kalan, mahrem, mestur
    Örnek: İki komutan arasında o gün gizli bir anlaşma yapıldığı söylentisi çıkmıştı. H. Taner
  3. Niteliği anlaşılmayan, bilinmeyen.
  4. Saklı olarak, saklayarak
    Örnek: Mektubu senden gizli posta kutusuna attım. M. Yesarî
  5. (en) Hidden.
  6. (en) Concealed.
  7. (en) İnside.
  8. (en) Latent.
  9. (en) Occult.
  10. (en) Runaway.
  11. (en) Sneaking.
  12. (en) Surreptitious.
  13. (en) Secretly.
  14. (en) Huis clos.
  15. (en) Bush telegraph.
  16. (en) Cabinet.
  17. (en) Close.
  18. (en) Confidential.
  19. (en) Secret.
  20. (en) Classified.
  21. (en) Esoteric.
  22. (en) Unknown.
  23. (en) Clandestine.
  24. (en) Covert.
  25. (en) Sealed.
  26. (en) Restricted.
  27. (en) Underground.
  28. (en) Arcane.
  29. (en) Back-Door.
  30. (en) Blind.
  31. (en) Closet.
  32. (en) Under cover.
  33. (en) Cryptic.
  34. (en) Cryptical.
  35. (en) Dark.
  36. (en) Disguised.
  37. (en) Furtive.
  38. (en) Hole-And-Corner.
  39. (en) Hugger-Mugger.
  40. (en) Ulterior.
  41. (en) Undercover.
  42. (en) Underhand.
  43. (en) Veiled.
  44. (en) Crypto.
  45. (en) Hush hush.
  46. (en) İnner.
  47. (en) Between you and me and the lamppost.

giz (nedir ne demek)

  1. Sır
    Örnek: O gün çözer gibi olmuştu Kütahya çinilerindeki dipdiri renklerin gizini. N. Cumalı
  2. Yelken gemilerinde mizana direği denilen kıç direkte eğik duran bayrak sereni.
  3. Kentsoylu tiyatrosunun «iyi kurulu oyun» anlayışında, seyirciye bildirilen, ama oyun kişilerinin bilmedikleri bir şey. Bugiz oyunun çözüm kesiminde aydınlanır.
  4. Gizli tutulan şey, sır.
  5. (en) Riddle.
  6. (en) Secret.
  7. (en) Gaff.
  8. (en) Mystery.
  9. (fr) Secret


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